Chevy 409 Eliminator Bel Air - 'Cause They Said It Can't Be Done

The Only Stickshift 409 In NHRA Stock Eliminator

Mike Ficacci Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Inside the original rear housing sits a 30-spline spool with custom Moser axles that attempts-and I stress attempts-to plant two 9-inch skins when Aubrey drops the clutch at over 7,000 rpm. Speaking of skins, American Racing Pro Series Trackstar wheels on all fours are wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber (28x4 up front, 29.5x9 out back).

Much of the suspension cannot be altered as per the rules, but aftermarket shocks, springs, traction bars, and subframe connectors are allowed. The front end of this 409 is completely stock except for Moroso front springs (cut for a 11/2-inch lower ride height) and double-adjustable QA1 shocks. The rear suspension is much the same, with modified stock control arms and QA1s helping to plant rubber.

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The exterior is coated in Corona Cream and works perfectly with the Bel Air's style and nostalgia. And of course, in typical stocker fashion, the interior is as original and untouched as it was in 1962, except for, of course, the wand of power and six-point rollbar.

This year, Aubrey plans to attend as many NHRA events as he can in the northern plains-also referred to as Divisions 5 and 6. Be sure to try and catch one of these events across the country to see high-flying Chevrolets.


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