Sierra Gold '56 Nomad - Back In The Day

After My L79 Deuce Came A '56 Nomad

Doug Marion Jul 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

I won at the drags, too. One Sunday morning, on the way to Fresno Dragway, I was passed by three tough guys in a white '68-69 GTO. They yelled and made pissed-off faces at me while zipping by. I did nothing in return. Then in the staging lanes, I happened to pull up behind them. We were then motioned to the starting line. GTO right lane and Nomad left lane. I had the 4.88s in, so I figured I had a chance. Well, I put two car lengths on the GTO through Second gear and won by 2 1/2. All three guys suddenly had stone faces. Now it was my time to have an attitude. When I yelled, "Wanna run again?" these sissies wouldn't even respond.

This neat ol' Nomad was also my very first family car, and it never missed a lick during my five years of ownership. No broken axles like my 409, and no front end woes or wheelhop like the Chevy II. I ended up selling it with its stock heads, '56 four-barrel 4GC carb, and original 3.36 gears to a 6-foot-6, 270-pound truck driver who drove a '70 LS5 454 El Camino. He paid me cash in $10s and $20s. I believe the car is still around. License plate 585 BCJ. ID number VC560078932. Bet it's worth a few bucks. It would be fun to know its condition.

Next up: I wish I had 'em all. My entire short list of Chevys owned and prices paid from 1963 to 2006.


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