Turbocharged 1968 Chevelle SS - Total Air Superiority

With Some Technology Borrowed From The Aerospace Industry, Robert Rubens' '68 Chevelle Really Flies On The Track.

Thomas J. Lyman Mar 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

The car's interior is nothing but stealth. Various gauges are tucked away neatly within the glovebox, and the cabin has remained mostly stock. You could almost say Robert's latest Chevelle mimics the massive jets he flies for a living-when many people see a Boeing 757, they might think, "Well, that's a huge plane, it can't be that fast." Quite the contrary-a 757 gets down through the quartermile in about 13.8 seconds at 105 mph. Doesn't sound like a screamer until you take into account the 160,000-pound curb weight. The original Chevelle, with all its '60s-era suspension technology, might even be likened to the 757, but Robert has changed all that with his car.

"This car is now something that it wasn't," Robert says. "It's fun to drive, even for an old fly-guy like me."




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