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Good morning, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends! (NEW PHOTO ADDED!)

Courtesy of GM Jan 7, 2008

*photo courtesy of and copyright General Motors

As most of you know, the past couple of weeks has seen severalunauthorized photos of the Camaro -- both interior and exterior -- leaked to the public. Frankly, they've caught us by surprise. Unauthorized photos are, invariably, taken quickly without much thought- and as a result -- are not very flattering.



Since then, our Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz has ordered that we remove all the cammo off of the mules and early builds...and in fact our GeneralManager -- Ed Peper is encouraging you to actively look for Camaros on the road and to take pics of them.....and that's a first at least in my memory! Since then, we've revealed one picture of a white mule on the track in Australia.

The overwhelming response to these photos has been positive -- although the first couple of days after each picture hits the net -- we have some 'rough spots' -- in terms of comments and behavior. That is probably not a bad thing because -- in most cases (not all) people are passionate about this car............

I'd like you to think about something as pictures continue to flood the internet............

There are a lot of GM's -- in fact the industry's finest -- working onthis car.

We want this to be the best Camaro ever --

--in terms of straight out performance--

--in terms of ride and handling for every-day use --

--in terms of handing on a road course -- (some may tend to forget that the late 4th Gen cars will STILL shame most of what's on the roadtoday......regardless of price...)

-- and we want it to be the best in terms of interior comfort and quietness.........

We want this Camaro to be a car you WANT to drive everyday -- no matterwhere you're going -- no matter what the traffic conditions are....

We want it to put a smile on your face everytime you open the door and get in and fire up the engine.

BUT -- we are concentrating on something else as well....



We want you to go out and climb into one of these new Camaros -- we want you to fire up the engine -- we really wish we could SEE the look on your face as you floor the accelerator for the first time

(and DON'T forget to PUT THAT SEATBELT ON........)

.......we want you to be so blown away by this new Camaro that you can't sign the papers fast enough!

......we want to watch as you park it somewhere and turn around - time and time again -- as you walk away from it - with that sense of pride that says: "Yup -- THAT CAMARO IS ALL MINE! -- beware, all of you who drive something so inferior!!!"

We want you to enjoy the respect this car will bring to those of you whotake it to the track...

We want you to enjoy the fellowship that Camaro brings to you thru Camaro Clubs and Internet sites.........

We want people who may not even KNOW what a Camaro is -- to take onelook -- and say "OMG -- what is that and where do I sign?"

We take the creation of an all-new Camaro very seriously.

VERY seriously.

Most of us were around to watch in mourning as the 4th Gen 'rode off into the sunset.' Believe me -- you don't know what pain that was for most of us -- you don't know the sleepless nights -- and painful days. Yes -- it was very much like losing a child to some of us. On the other hand - many of you DO know the pain -- because you experienced it with us......

So - just understand, as you look at pictures of the test mules -- that we know there's a high expectation -- and we intend to meet those expectations. We have a lot at stake here -- this is our livelihood -- and it's our PASSION............

Yup -- not everyone will like the console gages -- but for each personwho doesn't like 'em, I -think we'll have at least one -- probably a lotmore -- that think they're the 'cat's jammies." Perhaps another won't like the back-up lamps -- and another may not like the interior fabric....but we think that overall -- this Camaro is gonna BLOW YOU AWAY.................

So - enjoy the pics -- keep the civilized discussion going -- but forthose who have some misgivings -- I simply ask you to please wait todraw final conclusions until after you've touched and felt a new Camaroin person.

I hope to see you in Indianapolis on September 19-21, 2008!

- Scott at GM



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