1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro SuperSpeedster - Poetry In Motion

There's Plenty Of Muscle Under This Radical 1969 Camaro's Bulging Body.

Paul Zazarine Jan 24, 2007 0 Comment(s)

The dazzling Motion Yellow paint is contrasted by a wide charcoal stripe that runs the length of the car on the top and the bottom sides of the panels. Open the decklid, look underneath and the stripe is mirrored. Same deal with the hood. The stripe also runs the length of the interior and separates the twin instrument panel pods. On the driver's side is a machine polished billet gauge cluster made from 1 1/2-inch sheet aluminum designed by Somers and fitted with ultra light, carbon fiber Auto Meter gauges. The passenger side of the panel is also machine turned with floating grab bar.

The leather-covered buckets are from the C5 Corvette and are fitted with four-point Simpson racing harnesses. The console top is trimmed with a matching machine turned panel. Phil chose a "machined" theme for all the interior hardware including pedals, door handles, shifter, and the four-spoke steering wheel. If you've been wondering where the master cylinders for the brake and clutch were hidden, they're under the dash, as is the Hydro Boost. The fuel and brake lines were run through the frame for safety.

You may be asking yourself how much green it takes to buy a SuperSpeedster. "Since the Motion SuperSpeedster is essentially a made-to-measure car, no two are exactly alike," said Joel Ehrenpreis, Motion's president. "You can use a base price of $475,000 to start, and then add on the options. It's safe to say this is a $500,000 car."

What can someone do with a supercar that costs a cool half mil? No doubt you'd have the admiration of your friends and neighbors. Seriously, few of the SuperSpeedsters will be built, making each one of them a unique example in the art of handcrafted, coach-built customs that recall an earlier age of artisans like Winfield, Barris, and Jeffries. And that could make the Motion SuperSpeedster even more collectible as the years go by.




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