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1969 Chevrolet Chevelle - 11,265 Reasons To Have Some Fun.

Racking Up The Miles In A Big-Block Baldwin-Motion Chevelle Look-A-Like.

Mike Harrington Jan 29, 2007

There's no trailer queen here, just like the title alludes to: 11,256 miles of fun, in one year. In this author's opinion, David Aldridge of Clarksville, Tennessee, has one of the choicest looking Chevelles around. Just what is it about this '69 that makes it so cherry? David has just the right amount of high performance aftermarket parts while retaining the classic look and color of the musclecar era we all love so much.

A couple of years ago David found this 33,000 mile Chevelle 300 in Jersey and 6,000 dollars later it was on its way to the south. Almost immediately upon arrival, David tore into it and started giving it the royal treatment. Some puritanical guys would have left it as is, but as the saying goes "Anyone can restore a car; but it takes a real man to cut one up."

While David didn't cut it up in a literal sense, he performed some serious surgery to this one time stocker. The old powertrain, a 6-cylinder engine and Powerglide, were given the "heave ho" and substituted with a GM Performance 502 crate engine and Tremec 5-speed transmission. Not a bad start!

With 500 horses under the hood and 600 lbs-ft of torque, keeping that kind of power under control was the No. 1 priority. That control came by way of improving the stock suspension, braking and wheels and tires. Beginning with the brakes, this Chevelle has Master Power 11-inch discs on all four corners. In the front, QA1 adjustable shocks are installed along with Hotchkis sway bars and polygraphite bushings, while in the back Bilstein shocks and Hotchkis sway bars and control arms round out the package giving it the needed control. American Racing Torque Thrusts and Nitto 555 tires round out the performance handling and looks.

When we asked David what he believes makes his Chevelle unique, he said it was the Baldwin-Motion Stinger hood and running gear. Real Baldwin-Motion cars were terrors on the street and strip on the east coast back in the late-sixties/early seventies, and they sell for about a jillion dollars at auction today. This 300 has the look from that era, but in an updated package. No doubt that the stinger hood combined with the color, (DuPont Fathom Green), stance and wheels set this Chevelle apart from others of its kind. If you take a look inside, it has been re-draped in its original factory colors and fabric.

Looks and power are about as useless as balls on a snake if you don't actually take the car out onto the road and enjoy it. And if 11,000 plus miles in a year's time isn't enjoying it, we don't know what is. Cruising at 80 mph down the highway at 2,000 rpm, this Chevelle has plenty of surplus power hiding under the hood and ready to use ay a moment's notice. Just ask those ponycar owners on the '05 and '06 Hot Rod Power Tours about what it's like breathing Chevelle exhaust fumes.

There you have it, a newly built vehicle made to look like it came straight from another decade. That's our definition of Newstalgia.




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