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Featured Chevy Cars - Bow-Tile Keepers

Dakota Wentz Aug 1, 2006
Sucp_0608_01z 57_chevy Front_right_side_view 2/4

Nice Chevy, Eh!It's not often we get a letter from our neighbors to the north, so when we do, it's time to savor the flavor. In the States, the '57 Chevy is American as apple pie, and it must have clout up north, as well, because P. Lessard is all about his '57 sedan. Besides the blue-on-blue color scheme power was also important to Lessar. Under the hood lies a 500hp 403 stroker engine that is sure to outrun any horse-ridin' Mounties! Lessard also upgraded the front brakes with a set of disc brakes. Along with the new engine came a set of Cragar SS 15x3 1/2 wheels upfront, and 15x8 wheels in the back. In addition to the mechanical upgrades, the '57 has a custom grille, and the hood bullets have been removed and extended. If you're ever in the Quebec area, be on the lookout for Lessard and his '57.

Sucp_0608_02z Chevy_nova Front_right_side_view 3/4

Brothers In ArmsBill and Jeff Curry dig their Novas. Bill, from Yakima, Washington, owns the yellow '64 Nova, and Jeff from Portland, Oregon, owns the red '63 SS Nova. Somehow they both managed to get two Chevy II Novas around the same time, and both began restoration immediately. Bill's '64 has a 350 engine backed by a 350 trans. Jeff's '63 is an all-original numbers-matching SS that still runs the 194ci straight-six. Both cars were purchased in parts throughout Washington and Oregon. Even though the cars were pretty bad at first, the brothers took the time to hunt for parts and turn them into a couple of killer Novas.

Sucp_0608_03z 1969_camaro Right_side_view 4/4

Take Off "Built for speed" is exactly what Paul J. Kuran's '69 Camaro is. Besides looking long, low, and black, the F-body has some thrust to boast. Under the cowl hood lies a decked-out 350. The motor is equipped with an Edelbrock Performer cam and lifters, along with a new timing set, intake manifold, and carburetor. Keeping the beast cool are Flex-a-lite electric fans. Hooker Super Competition headers and Flowmaster mufflers funnel all that power to the rear. The Camaro also sports new sway bars, bushings, springs, and Competition Engineering traction bars. What really makes the Camaro fun to drive is the T56 six-speed resting behind the 350. So, are we clear for takeoff?



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