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Chevy Wheels, Tires, And Accessories - Rolling Stock

A Look At What's Hot In Wheels, Tires, And Accessories

Jim Rizzo Feb 12, 2007

We all know how important the right wheel/tire combo is in pulling together just the right look for our rides. So, it was with this in mind that we gathered up the latest info on some of the most popular wheel, tire, and related items we've received around here lately. Keep in mind these few items are but the tip of the iceberg, but we thought it important to share with you what we had.

Sucp_0604_01z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 2/19

High Style

Billet Specialties Fast Lane and Street Star wheels are engineered to deliver style and quality at an unbelievable price for a two-piece billet aluminum wheel. Each center is milled from a 6061-T6 aluminum forging for incredible strength, then polished to perfection before being joined in a polished spun aluminum barrel. Billet Specialties keeps popular sizes and bolt patterns in stock for fast delivery. Available in sizes 15-, 16-, 17, 18-, and 20-inch diameter, the Fast Lane and Street Star are a great way to update the looks of your street machine.

For more info, contact: Billet Specialties, Dept. SC, 500 Shawmut Ave., La Grange, IL 60526; (866) 317-5937;

Sucp_0604_02z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 3/19

The TQ

The crew at WheelTech International thought it was time to offer Rodders an alternative to "the same as everyone else's wheel." They began to think the Torque Thrust was OEM on '57 Chevys, so they designed the TQ Rod Wheel. The TQ blends the retro look with a touch of today. The styling works with just about every type of Rod from Deuces, '57 Chevys, '60s and '70s Camaros, and '90s Chevy trucks. On top of all that, it's the easiest wheel to clean in the business.

Only offered in chrome, it's available in 15x5.5, 15x7, 15x8.5, 15x10, 16x7, 16x8, 17x8, 18x9, and in early 2006, 17x7. TQ Rod Wheels, (800) 372-5113;

Sucp_0604_03z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Digital_gauge 4/19

The Digital Age

Dakota Digital Solarix Series instruments offer high-brightness, vibrant blue vacuum fluorescent displays providing a lifetime of trouble-free use. Solarix instruments are fully backed by a limited 24-month warranty against manufacturer defects, and provide the accuracy and performance you've come to expect from Dakota Digital. The digital tire pressure gauge set includes four senders, a choice of either a blue, chrome, or black bezel, and a machined aluminum housing.

For more info on Dakota's complete line of digital instruments, contact: Dakota Digita, Dept. SC, 4510 W. 61st St. N., Sioux Falls, SD 57107; (800) 593-4160;

Sucp_0604_04z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Polish 5/19

Mag & Aluminum Polish

Mothers' legendary metal polish has a secret formula that balances a brilliant shine with easy use for aluminum wheels and parts, brass, alloys, and accessories. Application is just a matter of a clean cloth and a little elbow grease. Mothers Mag & Aluminum polish is strong enough to put a shine to the most neglected metals and gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

For more info, contact: Mothers Polish, Dept. SC, 5456 Industrial Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1519,; (800) 221-8257;

Sucp_0604_05z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 6/19

Twisted Vista

Intro's goal is to satisfy you, its valued customers and fellow enthusiasts, by offering the hottest wheels in the industry from concept and design to final construction. Intro wheels reflect keen insight into the heart of the auto enthusiast community. Intro Wheels introduces the Twisted Vista. This wheel combines polished good looks with a new, patent-pending "Satin Suede" finish, and is available in both five- and six-spoke versions. Every Intro Wheel is manufactured from 100 percent billet aluminum, and is polished completely-inside and out. All wheels are available in sizes 17 through 20 inches, with 15- and 16-inch versions available for special order.

For more information, visit: or call (714) 963-6803.

Sucp_0604_06z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Tires 7/19

Extreme ZR

By utilizing a racing concept design, Nitto Tire's engineers developed the NT-555 Extreme ZR. With a specially formulated compound and one of the biggest contact patches available, the NT-555 provides superior traction, reliable handling, and delivers total vehicle control. The three-circumferential grooves channel water efficiently, while the lateral grooves break up the water wedge. This combination of grooves and channels reduces the chance of hydroplaning.

For a dealer near you, contact: Nitto Tire N. America, Dept. SC, 6021 Katella Ave. Ste. 250, Cypress, CA 90630;

Sucp_0604_08z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 8/19

Back To The Future

The folks at WheelTech International went looking for the old slotted mags that were around in the '60s and '70s. But the only place they found them was at swap meets. So they bought a couple and went to their designer, and came up with an almost exact copy of the old US Indy Mag. They didn't stop with the original 15-inch sizes though; they added 16 and 17 inches so Rodders could take advantage of the huge selection of tires that are now available. Since the most popular use was on muscle cars, they named it the SLT Muscle Mag. Now you can buy brand-new wheels like the ones from the good old days, and even do a Plus 1 or Plus 2 that works so good and looks so cool. The wheels are offered in a machined mirror finish that comes out about halfway between a diamond-machined finish and a full polish.

They're available in 15x7, 15x8, 16x7, 16x8, and 17x8, and in early 2006, 15x10 and 17x7. SLT Muscle Mags are definitely a trip back to the past.

Check 'em out on the Web at or call (800) 372-5133.

Sucp_0604_09z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Polish 9/19

Mothers Billet Metal Polish

Mothers Billet Metal Polish takes its world-famous metal polish technology to a whole new level. State-of-the-art cleaners and cutting-edge formulation give your billet, forged and finely cast aluminum, brass, and other polishable metals, the absolute finest finish available, guaranteed. You've spent big bucks on quality metal accessories, step up to a polish worthy of your investment.

For more info: contact Mothers Polish, Dept. SC, 5456 Industrial Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1519; (800 ) 221-8257;

Sucp_0604_10z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Cleaner 10/19

Chrome Wheel Cleaner

You've probably invested a lot on your specialty wheels. Don't take chances with the wrong cleaner. Eagle One Chrome & Wire Wheel Cleaner is formulated specifically for chrome wheels. It quickly removes brake dust, grime, and even rust-just spray on and rinse off for a mirror-like finish that will garner a lot of second glances. One easy step removes all kinds of unsightly debris. Keep in mind, this particular product is for use exclusively on chrome wheels.

For more info on the company's complete line of car care products, contact: Eagle One, Dept. SC, P.O. Box 14000, Lexington, KY 40512; (877) 5-eagleone [532-4536];

Sucp_0604_11z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Polish 11/19

70 Years Of Shine

Not many products have withstood the test of time like Nevr-Dull. For over 70 years it has helped people easily maintain the appearance of all metal surfaces. Whether it's silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, glass, steel, aluminum, or chrome, this versatile product can maintain them all. Nevr-Dull uses solvents rather than rouge to remove rust and tar with less mess and easier application.

Eagle One, Dept. SC, P.O. Box 14000, Lexington, KY 40512; (877)5-eagleone [532-4536];

Sucp_0604_12z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Socket 12/19

Socket To Me

Not only does Billet Specialties make the finest custom wheels on the market, it also offers a cool array of accessories that complete both the look of your ride but your toolbox as well. One must-have item for the custom wheel owner is Billet Specialties' Thin Wall Socket.

These sockets are available in 7/8- to 13/16-inch sizes, and will prevent aggravation as well as abrasion. Billet Specialties, Dept. SC, 500 Shawmut Ave., La Grange, IL. 60526; (866) 317-5937;

Sucp_0604_13z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Cleaner 13/19

Tire & Rubber Cleaner

Got the dirty tire blues? Use Mothers Tire & Rubber Cleaner to clean off dirt, soil, and old dressing from the surface of your tires. Any dirty and neglected rubber surface can benefit from a good cleaning. Modern chemistry makes it safe and effective to use on any surface. Clean your tires and rubber trim prior to applying dressings and gels for that professionally detailed look.

Mothers Polish, Dept. SC, 5456 Industrial Dr., Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1519; (800) 221-8257;

Sucp_0604_16z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Tires 14/19

D.O.T.-Approved Competition Radials

The performance-proven RA1 features all the high-tech components to provide an uncommon advantage to the cost-conscious competitor who still demands quick lap time. It's true performance from Toyo!

For more info and to locate a dealer near you, contact: Toyo USA, West Coast: (800) 442-8696 (8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. PST); East Coast: (888 444-8696) (8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. EST);

Sucp_0604_17z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Nuts 15/19

Gorilla Nuts

Here's another necessity from the pros at Billet Specialties: Gorilla Brand Lug Nuts. Kits include lugs, locks, valve stems, and lug key-everything you need to keep those beautiful billets bolted up.

Billet Specialties, Dept. SC, 500 Shawmut Ave., La Grange, IL 60526; (866) 317-5937;

Sucp_0604_18z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Tires 16/19

Classic Sportsman

Here's a modern-day version of the Mickey Thompson Classic Sportsman. The Sportsman Series features radial construction and a unique flamed tread pattern. Extra-wide rears and matching fronts make this tire a must for any street rod or street machine!

For more info, contact: Mickey Thompson Performance Tires, Dept. SC, 1900 Compton Ave., Ste. 101, Corona, CA 92881; (951) 817-0101;

Sucp_0604_19z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Cleaner 17/19

Bright & Shiny

3M quickly, safely, and beautifully cleans wheels and tires in one easy step. Its products remove brake dust, road tar, grease, and grime. They leave wheels with a brilliant shine and clean the toughest scuffs and soil from sidewalls.

For info on the complete 3M car care line, contact: 3M, Dept. SC, 3M Center, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000; (888) 3M HELPS [364-3577];

Sucp_0604_20z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 18/19

Split Five-Spokes

The PIAA Style-D is a beautiful split five-spoke alloy wheel, similar in design to PIAA's best-selling Super Rozza, but with the added enhancement of a machine-cut lip. The Style-D is available in 18-inch diameters as well as staggered fitments, in widths ranging from 7.5 to 9 inches. Moreover, the Style-D is highlighted by a distinctive gloss black finish.

PIAA, Dept. SC, 15370 SW Millikan Wy., Beaverton, OR 97006; (503) 643-7422;

Sucp_0604_21z Chevy_wheels_tires_and_accessories Wheels 19/19

The C-5

In 1979, Randy Coy opened his first Wheel & Tire Store in Denver. Since then he's been committed to bringing great product to the wheel industry at affordable pricing. Randy, a car enthusiast, always served the hot rod and classic car community. Twenty-five years later, he's produced the latest and cleanest hot rod wheel to hit the market. The new C-5 was a wheel built off of public opinion, which he got at every swap meet he's visited for the last 20 years. The public cried for an affordable, chromed, five-spoke, and here it is: the C-5. Coys offers a complete line of wheels for your classic, musclecar, or hot rod.

For more info, contact: Coys Custom Wheels & Tires, Dept. SC, 529 N. 1200 W., Orem, UT 84057; (801) 812-2929;



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