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1964 Chevelle Malibu SS - The Hunter And The Hunted

A Malibu That Has Been A Long Time Coming

Mike Harrington May 1, 2006
Sucp_0604_01_z 1964_chevelle_malibu_SS Front_driver_side_view 2/8

Patience is an essential attribute to any hunt. Just ask any skilled elk hunter or fisherman and they will all say you have to be patient to bag the prize buck or land the big fish. Silently and slowly, with deliberate and calculated steps, a skilled hunter will stalk his prize for as long as he needs to. Some tenacious hunters will even start stalking and gathering information on their intended prey a year prior to the season. To some this may seem a bit extreme, but for others there is no other way to get what you want without this method.

For three years, Kerry Smith eyeballed a certain red Chevelle running around his town. Like any skilled game hunter, he set his course of action and the hunt was on. The Malibu would appear in his sights and Kerry would hurriedly fire off a round of purchase offers, only to miss the mark. Still, the hunt went on until finally his tenacity and patience found their mark. The previous owner agreed to sell the Malibu, and Kerry Smith was now in possession of his prize.

Don't think for a moment that this is a tale of a man with no mechanical skills to build his own car. In fact, Kerry had already built a Chevelle for his wife, Tracey, and the car has also been seen in the pages of this magazine. Kerry knows the amount of work that goes into a ground-up build. This time around, however, he decided to bypass that step.

Of course, when any man receives an automobile, he has to make it his own. As time continues, Kerry updates and recalibrates his Malibu as he sees fit. Why a Chevelle? Once upon a time Mr. Smith owned a serious dirt-tracker Chevelle, and surely the thrills and memories of man versus man in a Roman-styled chariot race could not diminish over time. So here is yet another Chevelle added to the Smith Family collection. We couldn't think of a better thing to collect. Can you?



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