1955 Chevy Straight-Axle - From The Other Side Of Town

Mike Harrington Feb 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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How many of you would sell your 454 SS Chevelle to buy a '55 straight-axle vehicle? We found one such guy who sold his street machine for another that he considered to be the ultimate one. Brian Tarter and his wife Laine, were out one morning when he spotted this '55 for sale. His wife told him "we need that like a hole in the head." At the time, Brian was between jobs. His wife had a Mustang, and he had his '53 Chevy truck and SS Chevelle at home. She couldn't have been more right, but the imagery of a straight-axle gasser consumed Brian until finally later that night he had to go back and see if it was still there...and it was.

The Chevy was pretty rough, but isn't that how they all start out? It seems that most of us prefer them that way. Brian took out a loan and then sold his Chevelle to fund this project. He immediately started working on it, and attempted to give it a period-correct '60s look. All the modern components that didn't lend to its period-correct appearance were removed and moth-balled. Brian changed the steering wheel, front and back seats, the motor and trans, rearend, wheels and tires, shifter, bellhousing, wiring, and even massaged the metal to make the body better and straighter. The only thing he wasn't involved with was the lettering on the side.

This go-fast 500hp gasser is not even close to being done, according to Brian. One day he plans on putting in a big-block and adding a classic metal flake paint job to this blacktop stomper. In the meantime, Brian plans to drive the heck out of it and smile as he passes the competition.




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