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Sucp_0603_04_z Chevy_performance_products Turn_key_ls2_engine 2/11

Turn Key LS2
Turn Key Engine Supply (2620 Temple Heights Dr. Unit B, Dept. SC, Oceanside, CA 92056, 760/941-2741, has a 700hp supercharged and intercooled LS2 SuperStreet Engine. The LS2 features a forged crank, rods and pistons, along with an iron cylinder block for additional strength under maximum boost. Air Flow Research aluminum cylinder heads provide unmatched breathing, and are complemented by a Kenne Bell 2.4 Liter Blowzilla Twin Screw Supercharger and Intercooler. Each engine features a patented 5-Wire Plug And Play Harness that includes a Delphi ECM with a Turn Key precision engineered calibration. The result is easy installation matched with incredible performance.

Sucp_0603_02_z Chevy_performance_products Ron_francis_wiring_shutoff_relay_switch 3/11

Kill It
Ron Francis Wiring (167 Keystone Rd., Dept. SC, Chester, PA 19013. 800/292-1940, has developed an easy-to-install fuel shutoff relay and switch that kills the power to your electric fuel pump in the event of a crash. The device is designed to minimize further danger by preventing the fuel pump from pumping raw fuel onto the ground or into the vehicle following a serious impact. In the event it is tripped, it's easily reset in seconds, and is a simple installation.

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Steered In The Right Direction
Classic Performance Products (175 E. Freedom Ave., Dept. SC, Anaheim, CA 92801, 714/522-2000, now manufactures a new 600 series of steering gears for '55-'57 Chevys and '58-'64 Chevrolet passenger cars. The 70mm piston provides better road feedback and a more stable feel to the driver. Designed around a modern Saginaw steering box, Classic Performance's power re-circulating-ball gears feature low friction and quick response. An open-centered, rotary-type valve provides operation throughout the steering range, while retaining road feel. The integral rack piston converts hydraulic pressure to a rotation force that moves the steering linkage left or right. The steering system and hydraulic fluid also acts as a cushion to help absorb road shocks. All components are new (not rebuilt), and 100 percent tested in the factory.

Sucp_0603_05_z Chevy_performance_products Dick_miller_racing_rear_suspension 5/11

Nice Rear
Dick Miller Racing (662/233-2301) has just released their new bolt-on rear suspension system for rear coil sprung cars, such as '64-'88 GM intermediates and '91-'96 Caprice/Impala SS. The kit features bolt-on TIG-welded 4130 chrome moly adjustable upper (1-1/4x0.083-inch wall) and lower (1-5/8x0.083-inch wall) control arms. Adjustable upper control arms allow for the setting of pinion angle for better traction and preloading the suspension for straight-line launches. Adjustable lower control arms allow you to move the rear forward or rearward for maximum tire size, and will allow you to have a four-wheel alignment done to make the car roll as easily as possible. All adjusters are thread and made of 4340 chrome moly. Included are plate steel no-hop bars to change the imaginary intersection point of the upper and lower control arms for maximum traction. Also included are diagonal links from the lower control arms to the rearend housing, rear triangulation braces, and 3/4-inch-high strength steel rod ends (Heim joints). Lighter and taller rear springs to complement the fact that the car will lift in the rear, are provided, as well. The new kit is tested with over 1,400 hp. All claims are made by manufacturer.

Sucp_0603_07_z Chevy_performance_products Pace_performance_stroker_short_block 6/11

Pace Maker
From Pace Performance (800/748-3791, Dept. SC, comes its GM Performance Parts 383/425 Stroker Short Block. The small-block Chevy stroker engine block comes with a specially modified cast-iron, four-bolt main block, 3.80-inch 4340 nitrided and induction-hardened forged steel crank, heavy-duty-powdered metal steel connecting rods, hypereutectic aluminum pistons, oil pan, oil pump, front timing cover, 8-inch harmonic balancer, 12.75-inch flexplate, and lifter retainer. For building flexibility, this short-block does not come with a camshaft, lifters, timing chain or camshaft sprocket. However, all parts needed are available to complete the stroker motor build is available at Pace Performance.

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Bringing Up The Tail End
Now available from Classic Industries (18460 Gothard St., Dept. SC, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, 714/847-6887, are reproduction original tail lamp assemblies. The tail lamps fit all '62-'64 Chevy II/Nova sedans and coupes. The assembly includes the bezel, back up lens, tail lamp lens, gaskets, cross bracket and mounting screws. It's delivered completely assembled and ready for installation.

Sucp_0603_09_z Chevy_performance_products Centerforce_extreme_performance_brakes 8/11

Disc Throw
Centerforce (928/771-8422, now has extreme performance discs available for GM 10 1/2-,10- and 26-spline input shafts and 11-inch clutch assemblies with 10-spline input shafts. The new Centerforce DFX product line features the addition of six puck sprung hub discs for racing and extreme performance. These new discs are designed to have the smoothest engagement next to any other comparable clutch.

Sucp_0603_10_z Chevy_performance_products Original_parts_group_center_console_assembly 9/11

Center Stage
Original Parts Group (5252 Bolsa Ave., Dept. SC, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, 800/243-8355, is now reproducing the complete center console assembly found in '66 and '67 Chevelles and El Caminos. The "automatic" and "four-speed" Console Bases are injection-molded plastic, just like the original parts, and feature the authentic "camera case" Madrid grain. The Console Top Plates are also molded using the correct grain patterns, and then are chromed and professionally painted black. Completing the console assembly are the Shifter Plate Inserts (for automatic cars), the Rear Chrome piece (for both automatic and four-speeds), the Console Door and Hinge, and the Rear Lamp Lens.




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