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1967 Chevy Camaro - Anna's Daily Driver

A Daily-Driven '67 Gets The Guinea Pig Treatment

Mike Harrington Feb 9, 2007

In the course of life's travels, it's inevitable that the purchasing of new automobiles and getting rid of old ones are common transactions in which we all take part. But sometimes it doesn't quite happen in that order. Rather than buy a new automobile, how about we settle for a "classic" one? In the case of Richard and Anna Brown, that's just the path they took. They could have gone to any downtown dealership and chosen from dozens of late-model, mostly plastic, daily-driver-type vehicles. But they didn't. When Anna announced to her husband that she wanted "an old one, not a new one," we can only imagine that Charles jumped at this chance; it's not every day a guy hears those magic words from his better half.

After a short time of beating the bushes and shaking the trees, Charles found that "old one" his wife had wanted. In 1998, he found a '67 Camaro that, for all intents and purposes, seemed to be someone else's "once upon a time" project, but for whatever reason, restoration work had ceased. The Camaro still had the original interior and the original worn-out engine. Even better, the Camaro was painted in a red lacquer paint that had never been rubbed out. That was it; baby's got a new car.

Charles and Anna "freshened up the engine," and put their elbows to good use by rubbing out that vintage 1985 lacquer paint job. The Camaro was now shining brighter than Rudolph's red nose, and to complete the look, Steve Cleveland redid the interior. What more could you want? For the next three years, Anna proudly raced around the Bay Area in her shiny new/old '67 Camaro. But things change, and sometimes for the better.

Anna and Charles pulled up roots, packed their bags, and headed east from California to Charlotte, North Carolina, on account of Charles' new job at Fat Man Fabrications. When you work for the Fat Man and drive a Camaro, it's not long before things on that Camaro change. Anna's daily driver was used as a guinea pig in developing a new bolt-in subframe and Wonderbar rear suspension.

With the newly remolded suspension under her Camaro, it wasn't long before some punched-up ponies were added to the list of upgrades. A new ZZ4 crate engine was then added to this high-caliber, high-handling machine.

Does Anna mind? Not a chance. You can still see her burning up the roads in her daily-driven '67 Camaro. Except this time, the hot rodders in the Charlotte area are dealing with a whole new contender.




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