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1969 Convertible Chevy Camaro - The Legacy

Only This '69 Passes From Son To Father

Dakota Wentz Dec 1, 2004
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So here I am, its about 7 o'clock Pacific Time and I'm lying down in the middle of the road in a somewhat of a desert environment canyon taking pictures of Ed Feaser's drop-top '69 Camaro. In the background I can hear the chitter chatter of Ed, his two sons Blake and Austin, and my brother Chance. With one ear listening to what they're saying, and the other ear laying dormant as I take pictures, my good ear happened to hear something. I hear Ed say, "You think that's a stink bug crawling across the road," to his youngest son Austin in a joking manner. At first I thought nothing about it, then I hear Austin mutter, "I thought those were only in Africa?" Now that got my attention! Immediately I jumped up looking around thinking something that should not be near me is uncomfortably too close. The four of them point to an object about 30 yards away crawling across the road. As we began walking towards the crawling critter, it becomes completely apparent that the brown hairy silver dollar pancake sized object is none other than the king of all spiders, a tarantula. Now I'd never seen a tarantula (in the wild), and to be honest, I too thought they were only in Africa or some other foreign land. I guess it goes to show, you never know what's out there. As was the same lesson for Ed about 3 years ago when he began his search for a '69 Camaro.

While searching the wonderful world of Ebay, Feaser happened to run across a small dealer out in the Midwest. The dude had several cars for sale but the '69 stuck out. Ed had the guy send some pictures to him so he could get a better look. Now not only did he get a better look, but an odd surprise as well. Apparently the '69 had been used for advertisement during the mid-'80s. Because Ed got a poster of a girl decked out in '80s gear sitting in the backseat of the red on red '69 drop-top Camaro. The posters even sportin' true '80s fashion with neon pink and blue writing! After scanning the pictures, and poster, Feaser was through looking. He bought the car and gave it to his son Blake to drive at his dominantly BMW/Mercedes/(insert another European car here) private high school. We can only imagine the times he must've had . . . But once Blake graduated it was dad's turn, however, not before a little TLC.

Ed got back on the Internet and ran into D&P Classic Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, California. He took the Camaro down to the shop and drew up a plan with shop owner Darryl Nance. They decided that to best suit Ed's needs the car shouldn't be anything too fancy, but yet still on the cutting edge.

The first to go on the Camaro was the tired engine. In its place sits a new GM Performance crate motor 350 ZZ4. Complementing the motor is Doug's Headers, Edelbrock water pump, K&N air filter, and Street and Performance dress up products. Behind the motor is a '02 Turbo 350 and GM 10-bolt rearend. The next part of the car to get warmed up was the suspension. The OEM GM parts were given new bushings and such, and to help out the ride a set of Bilstein gas shocks were added. The body was stripped and every panel was straightened and smoothed then painted the brightest red Ed could find, Viper Red. When it came to the interior, Ed wanted something that would give the car a classy look. He decided to take a page out of Ferrari's book and have a tan leather interior match the red paint. The ironic thing is one day at a stop light a Ferrari pulled up and the driver told Ed that Ed's '69 is his dream car. Budnik 18-inch GTX rims and Baer disc brakes round out the package.

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