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1969 Chevy Camaro - The Right Place

At the Wrong Time

Dakota Wentz Oct 1, 2004
Sucp_0410_01_z 1969_chevy_camaro Front_view 2/6

When I look back on the past it seems that no matter what was going on I found a way to get myself into the right place at the wrong time. Well actually, now that I am sitting her reflecting on the past maybe those places weren't exactly the right places to be. For instance, one time that comes to mind is when some friends and I decided to climb on the vacant house's roof across the street and egg the neighbor's car as he drove by. Now it would've went perfect besides the fact that one of my accomplices decided to fall through the skylight, which then led to a personal police escort out of my fifth period English class. But at that time I could have sworn that was the right place to be. Anyways, I guess I am just going to have to take some lessons from Neal McDonald.

In 1969 Neal was 18 years old and had his mind made up he was getting a Camaro. Then he realized something. The way this country works is money is needed to purchase a product, and unfortunately, he didn't have any. So he did what any normal determined young man would do, borrowed! He went to his aunt and told her the dilemma. Being an understanding woman she knew the circumstances and agreed to lend him $2,500 in order to buy the Camaro.

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Neal took a trip to the local Chevrolet dealership. Upon his arrival he immediately fell for the red Camaro with black stripes and a white vinyl top. However, another obstacle now stood in the way. You see the owner of the dealership had ordered the '69 Camaro to be his personal car. (Here's where I need to take notes) Lucky enough for Neal he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. When the Camaro was delivered to the lot it was on the same truck as a brand new Corvette. When the owner of the dealership saw the Vette he changed his mind and decided to go with a Vette, and the Camaro was all Neal's.

For the next 10 years McDonald drove the '69 as a daily driver. Now as for the next 20 the Camaro wasn't as fortunate, or I guess you could also say Neal wasn't as fortunate. But you can imagine that after ten years of daily driving the '69 was beginning to show her age. The Camaro was then put aside till another day.

When Neal decided it was time to restore the Camaro to its former glory he knew exactly how he wanted it. The exact same. The engine was pulled and machined back to a respectable power plant. Then with some help from Classis Industries the red vinyl interior was revived from the dead. A matching factory paint scheme was applied and the white vinyl top was also refurbished. In fact, the only visible difference between then and now is the billet aluminum Torque Thrust rims and Sumitomo tires that hug the road. Other than that she's identical, and still as attractive as ever. And it's all because Neal just happened to be in the right place, at the right time.


Neal McDonald

'69 Camaro

'69 Chevrolet 302, bored .30, balanced and blueprinted, Z28 cylinder heads, TRW 11:1 pistons, Chevrolet aluminum Z28 intake manifold, Holley 780 carburetor, machined by Richard Gray and assembled by Chuck Martin and owner

'69 Muncie M-22 four-speed

Stock Chevrolet

(F) American Racing Torque Thrust II 17x8 inches
(R) American Racing Torque Thrust II 17x9 1/2 inches

(F) Sumitomo 235/45ZR17
(R) Sumitomo 275/40ZR17

Garnett Red painted by Lance

Classic Industries seats covered in red vinyl, Classic Industries vinyl red door panels, Classic Industries red carpet



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