Weld Wheels Shop Tour - Going to Kansas City

Going to See How They Make Those Wheels!

Tony Kelly Sep 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Weld Wheels have been leaders in the field of high-quality racing wheels for many years. These well-engineered and thoroughly tested products are also highly sought after by those seeking high-style wheels either for race or show. Known for one-piece forged construction, Weld Wheels is now moving into retail distribution of their products. To introduce us to the expanded lineup and their first store, many of the automotive press were invited to the Kansas City factory for a preview. We certainly liked the finished samples but we were even more intrigued by a look at what it takes to get a slug of material in the back door and a fine wheel out the front. Join us for an abbreviated look at Greg Weld's well-tuned operation.




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