1969 Yenko Camaro - No Way To Treat A Yenko

But Now It's Found A Home

Tony Kelly Aug 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Parked among the large assembly of great Camaros at the Indy Super Chevy Show, Jim and Leila Shockley's Rally Green '69 Yenko managed to attract those in the know about Camaros, Yenkos, and a great restoration. We weren't sure we had ever seen a Yenko this color but it sure is right for this car.

Jim told us he has known of this car for at least 25 years while it has passed through several owners around the Shockley's hometown of St. Charles, Missouri. He told a friend about it the first time it was advertised and that friend bought it. After 2 years, it was sold and before Shockley finally got his hands on it, there were three more owners. One can guess what condition it was in when it finally got unloaded in Jim and Leila's driveway. Actually Leila told the driver who delivered it on a trailer "it's only half a car!" He agreed and answered that the other half was coming in a bunch of boxes. Wives just love that. Of course he only paid $750 for it in 1985.

The original block was beyond hope so the Shockley's searched for 5 years to find a replacement with a correct build date and casting number. The car went together and came apart once before they found the original build sheet under the front seat, from Yenko to Vant Chevrolet in Mission, Kansas. The Shockleys, including son Keith, restored and rebuilt the car in Keith's garage, and debuted it a the 2001 Super Car Reunion in Collinsville, Illinois. Since then it has garnered numerous First Place trophies and several Best Of Show awards. Looks like it's a keeper.




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