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1969 Camaro - Yellow, Smooth, And Licked With Flames

A '69 F-Body With a Look of Its Own

Andrew Schear Mar 1, 2004
Sucp_0403_01_z 1969_chevrolet_camaro Driver_side_view 2/9

Riddle me this, riddle me that: What's yellow, purple, and coated with flames? If you have to guess we probably didn't do a very good job with the cover of this month's magazine. Here's a hint, it also sports a mean set of nostrils atop its 700hp Rat motor. When we first spotted Robert's '69 at the California Classic in Fontana, California, we knew we'd be doing you all an injustice by keeping it for a special occasion. Robert Stanley's Camaro is about the flashiest car to hit the pages of SUPER CHEVY all year, not to mention different.

Sucp_0403_02_z 1969_chevrolet_camaro Engine 3/9

Having something different seems to be a trend in and of itself. In the '60s we began seeing the modification of the '50s Tri-Fives into hot rods. In the '70s, the '60s-era musclecars were then affordable for your average Joe. In the '80s, the monochromatic Pro Street scene seemed like the hottest thing since sliced bread. The '90s brought the beginning of the billet revolution, where door handles and rubber band tires seemed commonplace. How about the '00s, it's probably a little too early to tell.

Sucp_0403_03_z 1969_chevrolet_camaro Driver_side_view 4/9

When Robert began his Camaro quest, he started by spending a lot of time at local shows and perusing the pages of SUPER CHEVY. He figured the best way to decide what he liked was to take bits and pieces of his favorite cars from different eras, and combine them into his ultimate dream machine. Starting with the Auto Trader, Robert found his starter vehicle, a very stock, drivable '69 Camaro. Of all the days to buy the car, he purchased it on Mother's Day. Just a little advice for you romantics out there, always bring flowers to your mom if you buy yourself a sweet ride on "her" day.

Sucp_0403_07_z 1969_chevrolet_camaro Interior 5/9

After a year of pondering, Robert was ready to put his plan into action. Although many people start with the mechanical, Robert decided to start with the paint and body simultaneously. Robert's cousin, Mike Todorovitch, was in charge of all the paint and body while Robert's buddy and long time fabricator Ken Asche managed all of the fabrication and mechanicals. The dynamic duo spent the better part of 3 years finishing Robert's masterpiece, and just in the nick of time, as the California Classic was held just days after the completion of Robert's F-body.

Sucp_0403_04_z 1969_chevrolet_camaro Rear_view 6/9

After completely stripping the '69 down to a bare shell, Mike began shaving the body while Ken went through the suspension. The front end was retrofitted with an air bag suspension while a de-arched multileaf was installed in the rear. Just in time for the completion of the undercarriage, Mike had the '69 in paint awaiting flames. Before the '69 was off to Ron "The Stitch" for a new interior, Ken dropped in the 468-inch big-block, backed by a TH400 transmission. To top it all off, Robert made a trip to Boyd Coddington wheels to pick out a set of custom offset 17-inch rollers, wrapped with low profile rubber.

Robert's package has the looks of a g-machine with the power of a Pro Street beast and the comfort of a Cadillac. As for the kicker, his little Chevy comes with one heck of an air freshener, also known as C12. What more could anyone ask for?



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