1967 Chevy Chevelle - Lucky 6-7

Gettin' Lucky In The Windy City

Dakota Wentz Feb 1, 2004 0 Comment(s)
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Whether it's fate, karma, or just luck, no one knows why things happen. And to make matters worse, a majority of the time no one understands why something has happened. But somehow in the end things tend to work out, and many are stuck thinking, "The Lord works in mysterious ways." No one knows this better than Ed Lux.

A couple of years ago Ed had reached that dreaded point, his mid-life crisis, and just when it seemed that things couldn't get worse, he had to go to Chicago to attend his godfather's funeral. Here's where the story gets good. While visiting the Windy City he visited a car museum. As he walked through the door he noticed his savior tucked up against a wall, a Tahoe Turquoise '67 Chevelle. He approached the car like a bug approaches a bug zapper on a hot July night. With a drive around the block he was hooked, and it was off to California they went.

Once the car was in California, Ed took her under his wing and gave her the royal treatment. First she was taken down to A-1 Auto in Gardena, California, were she was repainted her original color, PPG Tahoe Turquoise. Then Covina Auto Trim reupholstered the battered seats in black leather. A year later Ed, with the help of his wife, son Ed Jr., and good buddy Don Geer, rebuilt the 396 and cleaned up the engine compartment.

Since the car has been finished you can find Ed and his gang jumping from car show to car show. And when they're not busy showing off their prized machine you can bet they're out tearin' up the streets.




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