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1966 Chevy II Nova - Outside The Box

A Chevy II With A Different Mindset...And Heart

Dakota Wentz Nov 1, 2003
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Just when you think it's all been done, here comes something that totally breaks the mold and blows your mind. Leaving you mesmerized with wonder, but at the same time stumped and pondering, "How'd they do that?" Often people call these ideas absurd, distasteful, extraordinary, and ingenious all in the same sentence. Whatever the case may be, Tom Richardson's '66 Chevy II, sits somewhere between borderline genius and crazy. We here at SUPER CHEVY fall on the side of genius.

Tom has had his fair share of cars, including several Chevy IIs and one '86 Buick Grand National, but when it came time to build his new ride, Tom wanted to step outside the lines. He had been thinking for a while about how he wanted to build his next Chevy II. One thought was to drop in the '86 Buick V-6 Turbo Charged 3.8L engine from his Grand National into the Chevy. After reviewing the cost-benefit margin time and time again, he decided to step out on a limb and let it all hang out. However, Tom didn't stop with the engine, because when we said, "let it all hang out" we meant it. This car was escorted down the red carpet where several top-notch craftsmen greeted it.

Sucp_0311_03_z 1966_chevy_ii_nova Engine_compartment 3/6

The first stop of this Chevy's voyage was at Streetworks. There it received a mini-tub in order to tuck its 17x11-inch Billet Specialties into the rear quarters. The bodywork didn't stop there though; in fact it had just begun. The car made its way over to Collision Specialists where it received all new metal. The old quarters were cut out so new quarters could be put in; the doors received new skins, new fenders up front, and a Goodmark Cowl hood. After the metal work was finished, the car drifted over to the paint booth with Jesus Rodriguez. He applied several coats of DuPont Baby Blue, Off-White, and Silver. Last but not least, the 550hp turbocharged V-6 was dropped in. The motor had just come from Auburn Machine where it was bored .30 over and given a full rebuild and tune-up. A custom header had to be fabricated on the driver's side in order for the motor to fit. After that, the motor was in place and ready to roll. Tom says once the V-6 was in, "It ran like a dog that just ate a bowl of Texas chili!"

You know that old saying, "That idea's so crazy it just might work"? I think it would be safe to say that Tom's idea is so crazy it DOES work!



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