Goodmark Industries Headquarters - Where All The Great Chevy Parts Come From

We Take An Inside Look at Goodmark

Tony Kelly Sep 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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By the time you read this there will be a new owner of the famous Goodmark Chevelle. The lucky person who entered our contest is now driving the result of extensive work by Goodmark and other shops that essentially took a basket case car and turned it into a "near-new" show machine. This was accomplished using the superior quality body panels available from Goodmark rather than wasting time beating on decades old sheet metal with "who-knows-how-much-filler." From our time driving it, washing it, hearing admiring comments from Super Chevy Show fans who checked it out closely, and following it as it was re-constructed, we can't imagine any one making a car this old and in this condition look this good without using new panels.

On one of our visits to the Goodmark headquarters near Atlanta, Georgia, we took a short trip through the showroom, workroom, and warehouse to see where all these great parts come from. This is one place all Chevy fans would love to wander through, but since it's not generally open for tours, follow along with us as we take a look inside.




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