1984 Chevy El Camino - Pole Position

Hitting One Is A Definite Problem

Tony Kelly Sep 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0309_01_z 1984_chevy_el_camino Front_view 2/5

Young men dream of speed and winning races. The pole position is synonymous with those dreams but not when it's a telephone pole. Tyler Kurth of Alta Loma, California, was perfecting burnout skills in his just completed '84 El Camino when he and the phone pole finished in a tie, although the pole was later declared the winner. Not only that, Tyler is a high school student and was AWOL that day-not much sympathy around the old homestead. It was time to start over.

As things sometimes do, everything worked out for the best. Tyler and his dad spent lots of time together straightening the body, and then they attacked the motor. Kurth says he followed the SUPER CHEVY Vortec build-up and patterned his motor after that. Of course he went with a high powered stereo (he is a teenager, you know) but stayed conservative on the body work and lowering, winding up with a great handling, great performing, and great looking El Camino. Now he gets to drive the coolest car in town to high school every day, and he stays away from the nasty poles.




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