1967 Chevy Camaro - Al Most Junked

But Dad And Son Saved It

Tony Kelly Aug 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
Sucp_0308_01_z 1967_chevy_camaro Front_headlights 2/6

How do you know when it's time to throw the rusted out hulk away and start all over again? Don't bother asking Tom Benko and his son Scott. Their rusted out '67 Camaro was so bad that body man and friend Don "Herk" Herkimer said to scrap it and bring him another car. They didn't and, as you can tell, it paid off. Almost every panel has been replaced with GM parts, and many other pieces had to be fabricated. This was a labor of love for dedicated Chevy fans who started with a rusted out car that originally had a six-cylinder motor, even though it was missing. To get son Scott interested in working on the Camaro, they installed a 327 that was sitting in their garage, but that just pointed out how bad the car really was. Rust attacked the brake lines; the sub frame was coming loose from the body; and the suspension was nearly non-existent. It was time for a major teardown.

Sucp_0308_06_z 1967_chevy_camaro Interior 3/6

It appeared as though rust was the only thing holding the car together, but the Benkos and "Herk" persevered. After two years the car was ready for paint, which they decided based on another Camaro they saw at a dragstrip. Originally powered by a small-block, it now runs a very potent 454 big-block, which looks right at home. Tom's deal with Scott was that the car is his whenever he wants it, but so far, it's still in the family garage. When Scott takes it, though, Tom says he'll build another one. If it turns out as nice as this one, we want to see it.




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