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1964 Chevy Chevelle 300 Wagon - Carpool Anyone?

The Little Red Wagon That Could

Andrew Schear Aug 1, 2003
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We'd like to paint a little picture for you that's near and dear to our heart. Imagine a world where your wildest Chevy fantasy lives. It's a place where $2,000 rust buckets turn into Gold Class street machines almost overnight, all in the privacy of your own shop. And what a shop it is, stuffed with lifts, paint booths and all the professional staff one could imagine right there when you need them. You might wonder, how come I never have this dream, and besides, who actually has a garage like this? Well, just pick up the phone and and ask to speak with long time SUPER CHEVY contributor Darryl Nance at D&P Classic Chevy since he owns the fantasyland we've mentioned above.

If you're one of the many Tri-Five enthusiasts reading Super Chevy, you no doubt have heard of D&P Classic Chevy. But here's what you probably didn't know, Darryl's heart lies in a different place, a place where 500hp Chevelle wagons inhabit the earth. Of course he loves Tri-Fives, but people can't get away from the memory of their first set of wheels, it stays with them forever.

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Every since Darryl was a youngster he's had an affinity for Chevelle wagons. His very first ride was a '64 four-door Chevelle wagon. He recalls early memories of cruising Van Nuys Boulevard, in Van Nuys, California, and making trips to Orange County International Raceway whenever time would permit. Years after the '64 was gone, it's memory returned when he decided to build another wagon, only this time he had a thriving restoration shop and two grown boys of his own ready to help.

Finding an original car is difficult these days, Darryl tells us. With production numbers totaling 2,710 for '64, it's understandable why there are so few of these beauties left. When Darryl brought the '64 home from the swap meet, it was drivable, but not by much. With a full restoration ahead of them, the Nance boys and the staff at D&P got right to work.

After the body was removed from the frame, all four corners received a set of TRW lowering springs while the front also received a set of Superior dropped spindles. To handle the massive power that was in the works, a GM 12-bolt posi housing was next on the install list. In an effort to keep the car nimble, a 410-inch small-block was the basis for the '64's power. Included in the goody package was a Comp Cams bumpstick, World Product heads, and lots of compression. For the sake of longevity, a stout Turbo-350 was race prepped to handle the 400-plus pounds of torque. The Turbo-350 transferred power to the 12-bolt through a custom cut, heavy-duty driveshaft prepped by Drivelines Inc.

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With the bulk of the powertrain completed, attention was diverted back to cosmetics, where the pick 'n file experts at D&P straightened every last panel to perfection. Now ready for paint and the choice was made to coat the '64 in PPG two-stage Viper Red pigment, a great choice we agree. After a thorough color, sanding, and polishing, the lil' wagon was assembled with the stock '64 trim and grille assembly, but was still awaiting the perfect wheel/tire combo.

We all know that the right wheels make or break the package. With this in mind, Darryl cashed in a favor with the powers that be at Intro Custom Wheels, and had a custom set of rollers made for his red dream machine. With paint, wheels, tires, interior and one heck of a small-block this Chevelle 300 wagon turned out to be everything we expect from D&P and more. What's next from this maniacal Chevy enthusiast? We don't know, but you can bet you'll see it in SUPER CHEVY.


Darryl and Peggy Nance

'64 Chevelle 300 two-door wagon

410-inch small-block, World Products heads, Scat crankshaft, Eagle 6-inch rodsJE 10.5:1 pistons, Comp Extreme Energcamshaft, Edelbrock Air Gap intake manifold, Holley 850cfm carburetor, MSD 6AL ignition, Hooker Headers, K&N air filter, assembled by D&P Chevy, 536 hp at 5,700 rpm and 423 ft-lb at 5,000 rpm

'72 Turbo 350, 2,600 rpm stall converter

(F) 2-inch dropped spindles, TRW 1-inch lowering springs, KYB gas shocks, Raybestos disc brakes
(R) 12-bolt rearend, posi 3.42:1 gears, TRW 2-inch lowering springs, KYB gas shocks, Raybestos disc brakes, Hotchkis performance rear axle kit

Stock vinyl seating surfaces, O.P.G. door panels, factory gauge pack, modified stock shifter

PPG two-stage Viper Red, applied by Little Al, D&P

Custom-made Intro
(F) 18x8
(R) 20x9

Michelin Sport A/S
(F) 235/40/18
(R) 275/40/20



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