1969 Chevy Yenko Chevelle - Another Reason To Favor Monaco

A Rare Yenko Chevelle

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)
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Chuck and Paula Huber are justifiably proud of this sparkling '69 Yenko Chevelle. They learned the car might be for sale in Chicago and were able to buy it. Bringing it home to Monaco, Pennsylvania, they discovered that, although the car was in poor condition, it had the original motor, trans, and rearend. Of course it helps to have the original title and build sheet. Yenko Chevrolet had a network of other Chevrolet dealers that sold their special cars around the country. The Hubers' Chevelle was sold at Colonial Chevrolet in Virginia and the original front license plate and rear badge from that dealership came with the car when the Hubers brought it home.

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The entire car was disassembled and everything completely rebuilt and restored using all GM parts (except for the interior). It was approximately an 18-month process. According to Chuck, the car is one of 99 Yenko Chevelles, one of 28 automatics, and one of either one or two special ordered Monaco Orange cars with Automatic Hurst Dual Gate shifter. And all this time I only liked Monaco because of Princess Grace (from the more well to do side of the Kellys); now I have another favorite Monaco, on a Yenko.

Owner Chuck and Paula Huber, Monaco, Pennsylvania
Vehicle '69 Yenko Chevelle
Engine '69 Chevrolet 427ci V-8, 11.0:1 compression, Holley 780-cfm carb, stock aluminum manifold, machined by Station Auto Parts, Coroapolis, Pennsylvania, assembled by owner and Paul Cupp
Interior Black vinyl bucket seats, PUI door panels and carpet, Stewart Warner gauges, Hurst Dual Gate shifter
Transmission '69 GM Turbo 400 stock 2,500 stall speed
Rearend Stock 12-bolt 4.10:1 ratio, Positraction
Suspension Stock
Wheels Atlas, 15x7
Tires Goodyear Wide Tread GT, F70x15
Color DuPont Lacquer, Monaco Orange
Painter Ken Zekeli, Enon Valley, Pennsylvania




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