1955 Chevy Nomad - Torched!

On Purpose

Tony Kelly Jul 1, 2003 0 Comment(s)

Tom Owens of Kennesaw, Georgia, isn't a firebug. He just used an acetylene torch on the fender and door trim of his Gold Class '55 Nomad to add a unique effect after silver paint was applied. It worked! The rest of the car works too, even if it didn't need the same treatment.

Owens had wanted a Nomad for about 10 years when he found this car in an ad in the local antique and classic section. He called the owner, liked what he heard and drove to Florence, Alabama, to check it out. The car drove well, and seemed to be solid, although it had been painted about four times. It had been with its present owner about 27 years and he wanted to use the money from the sale of this Nomad to build an old Corvette. As you can tell, Tom bought it, brought it home, and started work on it right away.

For once, this is a story of a car that was as good underneath as it appeared to be. No body damage had ever been done, and no rust-good start! The strangest discovery was that the car had two pieces of right front fender molding instead of one right and one left. These pieces are unique to Nomads, and to '55 model years. Fortunately, an employee of Danchuk nicknamed Mr. Nomad, had one and shipped it out. Other than that, the rest of the car was all there. After another year-and-a-half, Tom had the car on the car show trail, where it never fails to wow the crowd.




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