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1970 Chevy Chevella SS - Covered In Cranberries

LS6 Fever To The Max

Andrew Schear Jun 1, 2003
Sucp_0306_01_z 1970_chevy_chevelle_ss_454 Front_side_quarter_view 2/1

In a recent conversation with Terry Robertson, owner of this month's cover car, we had the realization that there are three types of Chevy guys. First we have the "lookers;" these are the people who will travel to the end of the earth for the ultimate carnuba/Teflon paste wax. These Bow-Tie fans enjoy nothing more than a great turnout at a Super Chevy Show and the occasional cruise to a local burger joint. On the other end of the spectrum we have the "horsepower freaks," those who will sacrifice any and every last convenience to go a little bit faster and burn a little more rubber. And, like everything else in the world, there are groups of people who have found a happy medium, the combination between go-fast and looks. In all honesty, we can tell you that Terry Robertson is not one of the latter two. His '70 SS was built to melt the asphalt and pulverize the ever-obnoxious imports. The fact that it's easy on the eyes and looks like it has 20 coats of clear is a definite plus.

After purchasing the car from a local Corvette dealer, where it was on consignment, Terry stored the LS6-powered SS in his garage for quite a few years until finances and time would permit a restoration. With squeaks, oil leaks, and holes drilled everywhere from a previous race history, the SS was in serious need of a facelift, not to mention a heart transplant.

As with all projects, beginning is the most difficult part. For lack of a better judgment, Terry began with the interior. He replaced the seating surfaces, dash, and all the rest of the interior details with factory parts purchased on eBay. The gauge cluster looked like a remnant from the Vietnam War and needed serious revamping. The doors were re-skinned with OPG sheetmetal, and every panel was straightened by Canyon Paint and Body. After coating the Heavy Chevy with new Cranberry Red paint, it was off to Wilson Enterprises for an engine and tranny overhaul.

After the powerplant was removed, Wilson Enterprises tore the LS6 454 into pieces and took to their game plan. The block was bored, and the stock heads were completely rebuilt. A COMP Cams hydraulic bumpstick was chosen to open the valves while a Holley 850-cfm carburetor feeds the fuel and air mix into an Edelbrock Performer II intake manifold. Ignition is provided by an MSD 6AL box and Pro Billet distributor combination, while exhaust is routed through Dynomax headers and Flowmaster 3-inch dual exhaust.

With all its newfound horsepower it was determined that the '70 would benefit from a set of 4.10:1 gears and a new Posi unit. Traction bars and Edelbrock shocks help reduce wheel hop and increase traction. Stopping power is provided by a set of Hawk disc brakes in both front and rear.

With this three-year project almost completed, the light is shining brighter at the end of the tunnel. With two other Chevys in the garage, Terry has found a perfect home for his ex-race car. In addition to the '70, Terry pilots a '96 Camaro SS as his daily driver, and recently sold his '96 SS convertible for a new Tahoe. With three SS cars in his driveway neighbors were wondering if he had SS emblems on his vacuum cleaner. Wouldn't that be cool!

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