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1960 Chevy Impala - California Dreaming

A '60 Convertible Well Worth The Search

Jason Walker Sep 1, 2002
Sucp_0209_02_z 1960_chevy_impala Front_headlights 2/6

One of the greatest aspects of being a "car junkie" is searching the world over (or at least a few blocks around our house) for cool old cars. When we have the good fortune to be able to travel into strange cities or even other states, looking for old iron is right up there at the top of the "to do" list. The problem is finding excuses for slipping away from the family reunion or making it seem like driving up and down every back ally in sight is part of your honeymoon: "Honestly, Honey, this is a short cut to my mom's house."

Sound familiar? It must to Jeff Wester, owner of this beautiful '60 Impala convertible. In fact, Jeff was visiting his relatives in Kentucky when he and his brother came upon this Impala while looking at a '56 Chevy convertible for sale. It was instant true love, and Jeff followed through by making a deal for the droptop and bringing it all the way back to Temecula to start adding his own personal touches to his new ride.

Sucp_0209_01_z 1960_chevy_impala Tail_lights 3/6

With the engine compartment already close to completion when he bought the '60, Jeff decided to start with the necessary cosmetic changes outside. Jeff knew the importance of using the right wheel-and-tire combination, so his decision not to skimp in this area is a true testament to the overall curb-side appeal of this Chevy. The 20-inch Boyd Codington wheels and Falken tires make an impressive statement-that and the fact that all four corners of ride height have remotely operated air bags via a custom installation by Temecula Hot Rods.

After adding and updating the factory instrument panel with Classic Instrument's finest gauges and commissioning Temecula Hot Rods, once again, to install the Custom Autosound six-disc changer, speakers, and amplifier, the '60 was delivered to Armondo's Upholstery of Hemet, California, to install the original-style interior kit from CARS Inc. While the interior was coming together, Jeff sent all the brightwork to the Bumper Shop in Los Angeles for an all-new shine. Jeff didn't stop there; he still wanted to add that classic touch that would, without a doubt, put his creation into the custom category it deserves. With the help of New Image Autobody of Temecula's spraying the white finish and Pride Dezynz's adding a few subtle licks of flames between the quarter-panel trim pieces, Jeff accomplished the desired look.

With the car almost finished and grabbing attention everywhere it was seen, the only thing left for the ultimate California tanning machine was a custom-built longboard by S.B. Surfboards of Oceanside, California, to match. Maybe now Jeff can admire his Impala sitting pretty in the parking lot while riding the breakers and living the California dream.

Jeff and Tamara Wester, Temecula, CA
'60 Impala Convertible
'60 283ci
Turbo 350
Custom remote controlled air bag installation by Temecula Hot Rods
Boyd Codington Smoothies 8.5x20 front 5" backspacing and rear 4.5" backspacing
Falken FK 451 255/35ZR20 (front and rear)



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