1955 Chevy 210 - '55 Fever

There's No Cure Except to "Freshen It Up"

Tony Kelly Sep 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Richard and Diane French's '55 210 two-door was a great family car for going to local cruises. Richard used to notice the car often on his way to work and a friend told him it was for sale. He bought it and drove it home to Pomona, California, where it was driven to a few local events. Then it happened. The car won a trophy! Richard began thinking that even though it was really a good-looking car, it might be nice to "freshen up" the paint, so he spent a few bucks on that-no bodywork or anything, you know, just touch it up.

After the paint was done, Richard began noticing that the interior didn't look as good as it used to, so maybe it needed "freshening up!" Right. Mark Lopez at Elegance Interiors definitely updated the inside, and now Richard knew he was doomed. He knew the car needed different wheels, but then he noticed the engine compartment. Can't have a good-looking interior with a shabby engine. Of course, the '55 cooperated by making some engine noise so Richard had to pull one of the heads. As long as one head was off, why not do the rest? While at it, how about painting the engine compartment and suspension components? Of course that spread into the dashboard, glove compartment, and gauges. Then the "freshened up" exterior paint needed a real workout, which it got.

This is a classic example of how many great-looking cars get built. The good thing about this one is that it is still a driver, and the Frenches are still having fun with it. Of course, in a few years, it may need some more "freshening up."




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