1968 Chevy Impala - Phantom Wagon

Real SS 427 Wagons Never Happened

When you've had a car as long as Ed Bobowicz and his family, it's only natural to have some affection for it. They bought this wagon in 1972 from one of their Tonawanda, New York, neighbors who was the original owner. Since then the wagon has towed a 24-foot camp trailer and hauled building materials, kids, groceries, and every other thing they could throw in its cavernous rear compartment.

About six years ago, with 160,000 miles showing, Ed decided it was time to do the old wagon a favor. He did a body-off restoration, which Ed admits was quite the task considering how heavy a full-sized wagon body is. Everything was repainted, replaced, replated, and restored. A lot of custom touches went into making the car look like something that Chevy actually rolled off the assembly line. For example, the valve covers were originally finned aluminum and were machined to remove the fins, and the air cleaner was converted into a cowl-induction design. Ed spent years collecting the correct N.O.S. Super Sport parts in anticipation of the rebuild, and it's a good thing that he did because many of these parts are very difficult to find today.

The original 427 was overhauled and came back to the car after being blueprinted and fitted with an Isky cam, Edelbrock intake, Hooker headers, and other performance goodies.

The wagon doesn't get used for towing duties anymore, but it would definitely make short work of that 24-foot camp trailer with the estimated 475 hp the big-block now cranks out. Even if Chevy didn't make an SS427 wagon back in 1968, we're glad that Ed did.




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