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1962 Chevy Corvette - Factory Built

Except Half Was Built In 1962,The Other Half In 1993

Tony Kelly Jun 1, 2002
Sucp_0206_02_z 1962_chevy_corvette Side_view 2/8

Doug and Carolyn Graf from Lakewood, Washington, resist the temptation to enter this car in the stock class at car shows. After all, they explain, it essentially has only one modification. Depending on which you way you look at it, it's either a '62 with a complete '93 chassis, or a '93 with a body made 31 years earlier. What's the problem-it's all Corvette?

Of course, as anyone who has ever set out to do such a transplant knows, there are about a million problems in making everything fit. For those who might decry doing this to a '62, the only thing left in the field in Southern California when the Grafs went to inspect it was the body, making it a perfect candidate for this project. The '93 was found in an insurance salvage yard with a totaled body. So began the 2 year project, which turned into 6 years and over 5,000 hours of labor by Doug. After doing repairs on the '93 chassis, Doug found that he had to quarter the '62 body and blend in new panels to make it cover the chassis. Resisting the temptation to highly modify the car with a tube frame and chrome, the Grafs stayed with factory parts. Actually, the '93 frame had to be lengthened 5.8 inches to allow the car to have the stock '62 wheelbase.

Sucp_0206_01_z 1962_chevy_corvette Corvette_wheels 3/8

We first saw this car at the November '01 Las Vegas Super Chevy Show. Watching people as they walked closer and closer to the car was an experience. It's a car that gets better and better as you see more of it. The first tip-off is the forward tilt of the front end and then the complete '93 interior. After that, the details, such as '93 door handles and '93 Corvette Ruby Red paint, keep adding up until the engineering and craftsmanship on what the Grafs call "Classic Reflections" is overwhelming. Even the stock soft top lid is still functional, after some hard-to-spot modifications allowing it to clear the '93 seats.

According to Doug and Carolyn the major attraction to their Corvette is that it's a great driver. Why not? It rolls on '93 components and still catches attention the way only a classic '62 can do. This Corvette has the best of both worlds!



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