1962 Chevy Biscayne Wagon - Eyesore No More

Rust-Bucket To Respectable

Kevin Lee Jun 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

It's hard to believe that this '62 was once so ugly that Gary Hofsheier could not park it in front of his house without threat of it being towed away or that it had so much rust that every body shop he took it to turned him away.

Gary finally managed to convince his friend, Jeff Diehl, to allow it through the doors of his shop where the large amount of rust was repaired and the body was straightened. While he was at it, Jeff went ahead and smoothed a few of the bumps and barbs off the body by removing the handles and some trim. The restored body was covered in primer when Gary picked it up to get the drivetrain and chassis worked out.

A GM crate engine and a rebuilt Turbo 350 were dropped into place, and the original rearend was deemed satisfactory. Much of the stock suspension was also retained, but the stance was improved with a custom airbag system. Gary drove the wagon around for a few months working out the bugs and trying to decide on a color to paint it. After much deliberation, he settled on House of Kolor Tangelo.

For the paint Gary called upon James Paltro at Auto Touch Up in his hometown of Marina, California. And just in case the bright orange wasn't enough to grab everyone's attention, Gary took the painted wagon to Alan Signs in Salinas, California, to have the graphics done.

Gary was planning on putting some miles on the car, so he wanted an interior that not only complemented the new paint but would be durable as well. The stock seats were retained and covered, along with the door panels, in light-brown tweed by American Auto Upholstery in Marina. A Grant steering wheel and billet door handles and window cranks finish it off.

With the constant threat of vehicle crushing programs it's nice to see someone prove that these vehicle are not disposable.

Gary and Michelle Hofsheier, Marina, CA
'62 Biscayne wagon
GM 350ci/330hp H.O. crate engine
Turbo 350
Rebuilt stock with Firestone airbags and KYB shocks
Intro Segsters (18x7 w/4.75 bs and 20x8.5 w/4.25 bs)
Kumoho (225/40R18 and 255/35/20)




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