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Stay Hooked After They Pull The Plug

Barry Kluczyk May 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)

Like Monday Night Football or Dick Clark, you've taken for granted that there will always be a Camaro. And, after 35 years, who could blame you?

But, as "Seinfeld" or the Spice Girls have proved, nothing lasts forever. Conceived as a Mustang fighter, the Camaro often overshadowed Ford's ponycar, and when it came to performance during the past decade, the Camaro put the wheezy 'Stang out to pasture.

Unfortunately, the Camaro has become a star-crossed victim of changing tastes. Apparently, people would rather climb atop the pickup truck-like seats of the Fairmont-based Mustang than sink into the F-car's true sports car cabin. (To be honest, though, the current Camaro's interior is one of the car's low points.) Question GM's decision all you want, but the Camaro's death sentence was signed years ago. The end is coming all too soon, so quit lamenting the last days and prepare for its legacy.

Camaro-focused car clubs have traditionally been bastions of social interaction, but now that F-car production is ending, these clubs will become important resources for reference information and parts hunting. And, since it's never to soon to start tracking down production numbers and wiring diagrams-not to mention hoarding parts-we've put together a list of local, national, and Internet-based Camaro clubs.

You'll find everything from First-Generation-only clubs, to Web sites dedicated to late-model performance. Regardless, hook yourself up to a club and stay connected to the Camaro!

National Organization

Worldwide Camaro Association
P.O. Box 607188
Orlando, FL 32860
(800) 456-1957

Regional Clubs Arizona
First-Gen. Camaros of Arizona
501 N. 97th St.
Mesa, AZ 85207


Camaro Club of San Diego
P.O. Box 0416
La Mesa, CA 91944

Cool Running Camaros
P.O. Box 25581
Santa Ana, CA 92799-9253

Camaro Club of Sacramento
4570 8th Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95820




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