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Hubbard's Impala Parts (HIP), That Is

Tony Kelly Mar 1, 2002 0 Comment(s)
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If you can't find what you need for your big car at Hubbard's Impala Parts, ask for it. Chances are someone in the Hubbard family can either find the part for you, or if enough people want it, they'll find someone to make it. That's essentially how James and Theresa started this business a few short years ago. James was working in the aftermarket parts industry and started hearing so much about Impala parts and the difficulty people were having locating quality components, that he and wife Theresa and brother Mark branched out on their own. Slowly at first but constantly growing, Hubbard's now ships parts all over the world, and they pride themselves on being able to fill approximately 85 percent of their orders complete. For those of us who have bought by mail or on-line, finding that there is a company that has an inventory system capable of shipping complete orders 85 percent of the time is amazing. Credit this to James who seems to be as adept at computers as he is at Impala parts.

Even though our photos don't show the employees busily pulling orders and stocking shelves, be assured that Hubbard's hums during regular hours. Since our shop tour was done on a Saturday night after the Rockingham Super Chevy Show, we had the place to ourselves. Should you be in the neighborhood, though, you're invited to stop by the Hubbard's Burlington, North Carolina, plant for an eye-opening look at what's available for Impalas.

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If you're going to be in the Impala parts business, it helps to be a hands-on builder. This is part of James Hubbard's current project, a '63 that will be on the show circuit soon, parked next to the company display trailer.


Hubbard's Impala Parts
Burlington, NC 27215




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