1948 Chevy Pickup - Quick Silver

This Parts Chaser Got One Heck Of A Makeover

Jim Rizzo Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

Now, a chassis like this deserves more than just a bunch of shiny stock sheetmetal. Aside from massaging out the pickup's countless dents, dings, and rot holes, Mike decided to apply a bit of his customizing expertise on nearly every panel. He started by chopping the top a full 3 inches (taking only 2 inches out of the rear glass). He then removed the vent windows and modified the doors to accept one-piece glass. Next, the windshield opening was reworked to accept a one-piece, flush-fit glass, the body was completely shaved and filled, and the hood smoothed and fitted with a custom bull-nose-style peak. The headlights were then frenched, and the parking lamps flush fit. Moving to the back up the truck, Mike raised the bed 3 inches off the framerails and extended the bedsides and stake pockets downward by the same amount. He then fabricated a custom rolled rear pan to fit the raised cargo bed. And, as the perfect complement for his custom touches, he fitted up a Briz bumper and custom filler panel up front. Once the bodywork was completed, Mike coated his masterpiece with a flawless coating of PPG Brilliant Silver Poly and 2020 clear.

For the finishing touch on this most impressive pickup, it was handed off to Wayne and Pam McGriff for a bit of the couple's upholstery expertise. The McGriff's covered the truck's cockpit (including its custom seats and handmade door panels) with yards of glove-soft silver leather and silver-gray wool carpeting.

To say that Gary's got himself a nice truck would probably be one of history's biggest understatements. And short of wow, there's not much more we can think of to say.