Chevy Impala SS 427 - Large And In Charge

A Dynamic Duo Of 427-Powered Impalas

Damon Lee Oct 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)

The Nantucket Blue convertible, on the other hand, is a pure luxury cruiser. This one started life as a 396-powered Super Sport, but has been "cloned" into a 427-powered version, complete with the larger engine, domed hood, and additional emblems. Don Honeycutt helped Jimmy complete the transformation, and is responsible for the nice-looking bodywork and paint. This Super Sport is optioned to the hilt, with a Turbo 400 automatic, power disc brakes, tilt steering, air conditioning, headrests, and an FM multiplex stereo. With the top down, we'd bet that it's the perfect machine to take cruising down those winding North Carolina two-lanes on a warm summer evening.

Two years after these cars were produced, the Impala SS nameplate faded into oblivion for a quarter-century, foreshadowing the long hiatus that all factory musclecars would soon take. But thanks to enthusiasts like Jimmy Crowell-and his dynamic duo of big brutes-the classic Super Sport legacy of power, comfort and panache lives on today, and will continue to rumble well into the future.


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