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1954 Chevrolet Corvette - Jeweler's Gold

This Bright Corvette Shines Like A Rare Treasure

Photography by John Faulkner

Wayne Clark from Cedar City, Utah, has created this one-of-a-kind '54 Corvette, itself a fairly rare car in that only 3,640 were ever built. Clark is a jeweler, so his tastes run to the precious and beautiful, making it understandable that whatever car he built would have to be unique. Look closely to see all the changes made in the four and one-half years it took to build. For instance, the doors are from a '60 Corvette, reskinned with the '54 exterior panels, allowing for roll-up windows. That same '60 Vette donated its top and windshield. The massive amount of hours needed to fit these components isn't apparent, although the results are flawless.

Clark found the '54 in upstate New York and shipped it to Utah where he determined that the frame was beyond saving. Bruce Hendrickson of Cedar City, Utah, fabricated up-to-date rails from square tubing that would accommodate an LT4 Grand Sport engine, a Camaro rear axle, a custom Monte Carlo IFS with rack and pinion, custom fabricated A-arms, and GM disc brakes all around. Suspension is air bags at all four corners, and the wheels (including the steering wheel) are Budnik. Transmission is a 4L60E. Inside are custom seats covered with saddle leather by Rick Spencer Upholstery in Cedar City. Corvette fans will notice that the trademark humps on both sides of the dash have been removed.

Before Bruce Hendrickson applied the House of Kolor Ferrari Yellow paint, and body modifications were made that included removing lower teeth on the front bumpers, the front license holder, and the forward slanting portion of the side trim just behind each front wheel. This was all done with an eye to making the lines of the car cleaner. Of course, the car has creature comforts such as air conditioning, a CD player, and electric windows.

Since its completion in early 2000, this car has won top awards at every show it has entered, including Best Corvette at the Las Vegas Super Chevy Show. The more we see it, the more we imagine it will continue its winning ways for some time to come.

Owner Wayne Clark, Cedar City, Utah
Vehicle '54 Corvette
Engine '96 LT4
Transmission '94 4L60E
Exhaust Borla with Dynamax Super Turbo Mufflers
Suspension Hand-built square tube frame with front and rear air bags
Front Monte Carlo clip, rack and pinion, custom A-arms, Bilstein Shocks,
Rear '94 Camaro rear assy.
Front Budnik Spyder, 17X8
Rear Budnik Spyder, 17X9
Front 255/45 17, Comp TA
Rear 245/45 17, Comp TA
Body Ferrari Yellow, House of Kolor, applied by Show Car Customs, Hurricane, UT
Seats Leather over custom seats
Carpets Wool Karistan
Gauges Auto Meter Pro Comp
A/C Airtique
Column '94 Camaro
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