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Bow Tie Brigaders - Back In The Day

By Doug Marion, Photography by Doug Marion

A "Bowtie Brigader" is anyone who loves Chevrolets. I coined the phrase in 1982 when the enthusiast aftermarket was just beginning to sizzle. Three years later, while on a Midwest TV show, I coined the phrase, "People Who Chevy Together Stay Heavy Together." That we do. I can't count all the photos I've taken of Chevy racers, corporate and club leaders and enthusiasts over the last 53 years, but there are easily enough to fill Super Chevy for a year or two. That's 24 issues of just people and their Chevys.

For this month's story, I researched for hours and ended up with about 50. I then pared them down to what you see here. Each one was selected for what I consider a top-notch, double-throw-down, hard-core, pedal-to-the-metal, reason. Each caption tells all. Welcome to the world-wide Bow Tie Brigade.

By Doug Marion
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