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Chevrolet 1969 Model Lineup Brochure - Web Exclusive

Looking back through our archive of old Chevrolet sales brochures, we take a look at the lineup overview from 1969.

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While some say 1970 was the peak of the muscle car era, this author strongly disagrees. Yes, the LS5 and LS6 454s came out in '70, but overall the '69 lineup packed more of a punch. How? Well, '69 was the last year for the SS option on the Impala, and the last year you could get a high performance big-block in the full size. On the Camaro side, the 425 HP L-72 and 450 HP ZL-1 were available, making '69 the most powerful year for the Camaro until the 5th generation came out recently. For Novas, you could get the L-78 big-block, and in some cases dealer installed L-72s. For Chevelles, you could get L-78, L-89, and L-72. In the Corvette, you could get high performance 427s with either single carbs or 3x2s, and the 350 HP small-block 350. And it was the last year for the Corvair, which offered better performance and handling than its successor the Vega ever did.

But I digress. This brochure from our archive was a highlight of everything car wise for the '69 model year that could be seen in Chevy dealerships across America. The full size lineup saw a new body and facelift, with the fastback styling of '67-'68 gone and a more traditional roofline in its place. The Camaro got a new interior and facelift that left it looking more brawny and ready to eat the lunch of any wayward Mustang that crossed its path. The Chevelle also saw a minor facelift, and new gauge cluster. Corvette had some minor styling revisions, and the Corvair carried over virtually the same in its final year of production.

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