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1964 Viper Red Nova - Paint It Red

Because, Let's Face It, A Blown 502 '64 Nova Simply Can't Be Brown.

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Cue Matt Paris of Paris Custom Automotive in Longmont, Colorado, who stripped the fecal-hued exterior clean, then prepped, primed, and painted the Nova with three coats of Chrysler Viper Red. While this was being done, Mike had the seats refurbished, and purchased a headliner, carpet kit, and door handles among other items. These included a set of Colorado Customs Billet wheels measuring 15x6 up front and 15x7 out back.

These Lazear Max rims that remain true to the heritage of the car geographically and design-wise (sort of), are wrapped in 195/60/15 radials up front and Mickey Thompson Street 235/60/15 drag radials out back. Obviously, at this point, the car underwent a major renovation to replace other stuff besides the patina.

"I became bored with the look and ride of the front suspension," said Mike. "I purchased a TCI front clip kit and an Air Ride Technologies front suspension. Around this time last year, Mike and Michelle and their finished ride caught the eye of a Super Chevy reporter. The magazine shot the car with the 350 and a somewhat obtrusive cowling. Forward to June '08 and we find out the 350 had been replaced with a blown 502 making close to 800 horsepower. That, of course, called for a reshoot.

So how did Mike afford a $9,000 blown big-block during a recession and right after he'd been laid off from his job? Blame it on Michelle, his somewhat opinionated wife. What a sweetheart. She purchased the motor for him and let him toil through the winter in the garage with only the help of a coil heater. The heating bill was huge, but now Mike has a badass blown big-block.

As far as we're concerned, his wife can pipe up whenever she feels the urge.

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