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1967 Chevy Nova - ITL Rock

A '67 Nova Packin' Over 600 Ponies

By Dakota Wentz, Photography by Andrew Schear

What is it about us car guys that just gotta have more power? So much so that we'll sacrifice such luxuries as comfort, practicality, looks...well, just about anything. Is it that we've seen one too many episodes of the Tool Man fixing up tractors, washing machines, and grunting chants of, "Aghhh . . . aghhh . . .aggh . . . more power!" Or is it something else? We here at the SC court have ruled in favor of Larry Frasier, it's just to gnarly when you put your foot into something and it's gone!

Yeah, there's nothing like putting your foot into something and feeling your body get sucked back into the seat tighter than a tube top on spring break. No one knows this feeling better than Larry. His '67 Nova is packin' over 600 horses under the hood. However, Frasier still remembers the first time he stood on his car, before the Pro Charger. The Nova was runnin' just regular old radials when he stood on it and the car went sideways. Right then and there he knew he had a problem.

He went back to the drawing board and decided that a pair of Mickey Thompson's ET Streets outta solve the problem. Solve the problem they did, but now there was room for improvement. Larry figured since he's now running more rubber in the back, he'd run more horses in the front. A Pro Charger 600B with 7 pounds of boost was added to the Chevy 406. The motor was already putting out 480 hp. Once the setup was locked, cocked, and ready to rock, there's really only one way to sum it all up, and the license plate says it all, "ITL ROCK."

TECH SPECS Owner Larry Frazier
Vehicle '67 Nova
Engine '70 Chevy 406 small-block, Air Flow
Research 210cc aluminum cylinder
heads, GM 4340 crankshaft, Eagle
connecting rods, Ross 8.5 pistons,
Comp Roller camshaft with a 580-580
lift, Edelbrock intake manifold,
Holley780 double pumper carburetor by
Mike Jones, Pro Charger 600B blower,
MSD ignition, Hooker Super Comp
headers, Borlaexhaust and mufflers,
estimated 600 hp at 5,800 rpm, engine
assembled by Mike Hayden, Mission Viejo, CA
Transmission GM Turbo 400, B&M converter with
2,800 stall, by Mike Hayden, Mission Viejo
Rearend Custom lightweight driveshaft with
9-inch, 355 gear ratio, by Power Train
Dynamics, Huntington Beach, CA
Front Stock with 2-inch drop springs,
KYB shocks, GM front brakes
Rear Stock with KYB shocks, Wilwood
11-inch disc brakes, Cal Trac bar with
sub-frame connectors
Front Weld Rod Lites 15x7
Rear Weld Rod Lites 15x8
Front Michelin Pilot 195x60x15
Rear Mickey Thompson ET Streets 1050x26x15
Color/Paint DuPont Marina Blue with Red Pearl,
chrome trim by Bumper Boys
Painter Derek Teklak, Garden Grove, CA
Interior Stock SS black vinyl and carpet by
Paddock, Modern Performance door
panels, Hurst custom console, Auto
Meter gauges, ididit steering column
Stereo 406 with Pro Charger
By Dakota Wentz
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