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The Buzz: GM High-Tech Performance News

Feb 25, 2013

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Full Details on Gen V Released
True to its word, GM’s new Gen V small-block V-8, dubbed the LT1, will in fact have direct injection. It will also use cylinder deactivation (aka DOD or AFM) and variable valve timing (VVT) to improve fuel mileage in the C7, while still boasting 6.2 liters of displacement. The bore and stroke are identical to its LS3 predecessor (4.06x3.62 inches), and uses a similar six-bolt main, aluminum block design with coil-on-plug ignition. However, most of the engine design is brand new. The heads and intake in particular bare little resemblance. Using an 11.5:1 compression with 2.13 intake and 1.59 exhaust valves, this motor pumps out an estimated 450 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque (check out GMHTP on the interwebs for more info).

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What’s Kookin?
October 6 marked the third Annual Kooks Kruise In Car Show in Statesville, North Carolina, to benefit the local 5 Street Ministries charity. All domestic makes and years were represented, but EFI GMs were, of course, the finest in attendance. Many late-model Camaros could be found testing their might on the mobile Dynojet. In addition to several late-model rides on display inside Kooks’ installation and prototyping facility, local shop Heintz Racing and its customers brought out several cars including Tim Martin’s orange ’10 Camaro SS and Jeff Heintz’s own 600-plus rwhp N/A C6. The day ended in a truly fantastic burnout contest where a gorgeous, show-winning supercharged LSX454 fifth-gen teased the crowd. However, the real show was put on by a diverse assortment that ranged from a conversion van to a dragster and a ’69 Camaro (

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Mantic Giveaway
Send in a photo of your LS-powered ride and enter to win $2,500 from Mantic Clutch. Starting Feb 1, contestants will have until April 30 to send a 5mb (or smaller) image to along with 160 words or less of description, address, phone number, and date of birth (see official rules and instructions on page 81). At the end, we will pick our favorite and award the cash. It’s that simple.

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New LSX Records
It’s been an exciting year. After last year’s heartbreaking loss in LSX Outlaw Drag Radial, Mark Carlyle vowed to come back much stronger in 2012 and he has not disappointed. Using a new engine combination with a Dart block and All Pro heads, and twin 88mm Garrett turbos, the IPS Motorsports-built C6 Z06 ran 7.09 at 212 mph at the Lingenfelter Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio. Carlyle still utilizes an IRS differential and TH400 from RPM Transmissions, and is hoping to reclaim the IRS world record as well as take the LSX overall record. His 7.09-run is the fastest on stock suspension to date. Shortly after, two eighth-mile records were set by Keith Berry in his completely revamped C5 Z06 (4.58 at 168 on drag radials) and Tom Kempf’s rebuilt Formula (4.52 at 164 on 10.5s). Oddly enough, both cars suffered crashes soon after. On the limited power adder front, Lingenfelter’s LSX Real Street fifth-gen set a new record for a 76mm turbo running 8.31 at 169 at their own event. And Ray Litz’s new X275 Camaro went 7.64 at 164 (and 4.99 in the eighth-mile) at the same event to become the fastest with an 88mm turbo. Meanwhile in All Motor racing, Judson Massengill in the SAM Camaro set a new record of 8.12 at 170 at the Holley LS Fest. Only the ultra-lightweight Hutter Performance tube chassis GTO has been faster on motor alone. This is setting up to be an interesting finale at the LSX Shootout.

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