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Reader Owned Rides - Street Heat

Justin Cesler Sep 19, 2012
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The 'Ring

No, this isn't a screenshot from the latest Forza. This is Mervin "Bene" Brice's '00 Z28 tearing up the Nürburgring in real life, and we can promise you he's having a lot more fun than any of us have ever had playing video games. Originally from Texas, Bene now lives in the United Kingdom and rocks his LS6-headed, EPS 222/226 duration cam'd Z overseas like a boss. Obviously, Bene's into the twisty stuff and his Z wears parts from Sam Strano and BMR Suspension, along with big C6 brakes and 18-inch C5 Z06 wheels. Of course, Bene also sports all of the supporting modifications you would expect and a set of Bassani true duals to remind everyone that American cars are alive and well on any track, in any country.

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Shane Hinds had us at the stance. This '09 G8 GT was going in Street Heat regardless of its speed just based on how awesome it looks running 28-inch Hoosier slicks on those killer 17-inch Racestars. Then we found out Shane's G8 runs a ProCharger D-1SC under the hood, along with a custom 227/243 duration camshaft, ported L92 heads, and a custom built 3-inch exhaust. With a "100-percent" stock short-block, transmission, differential, and axles, Shane has run as fast as 10.55 at 134 mph! As if that wasn't cool enough, Shane also built and tuned the entire car himself and he has enough videos online to prove it's definitely not a "one and done" kind of build. If you're in the Collinsville, Illinois, area, consider yourself warned. Send high-res, digital photos and a description of your high-tech performer to: or mail to GM High-Tech Performance, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. All photos are presumed to be for publication, and GMHTP reserves the right to edit accompanying descriptions.

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It's probably safe to assume that almost everyone reading GMHTP has a soft spot for classic Caprice and Impala builds. The thing is, you just don't see that many of them built to this caliber. Roger Sweet of Phoenix, Arizona, is the mad man behind this build, which runs just as well as it looks. Under that House Of Kolor Tru Blue Pearl paint and tucked behind those massive 20-inch concave wheels is an LQ4 engine and 4L65E transmission out of a Denali, which Roger has hopped up with a set of L92 cylinder heads and a Thunder Racing TR224 camshaft. Oh, and then there is the nitrous system, which propels Roger's Caprice into the 12.30s at 4,300 pounds. Yeah, this is one Caprice we can assume everyone would drive if given the chance.

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That Guy

Oh, you know, just your average 728-rwhp '05 GTO destroying a set of tires in Las Vegas…nothing to see here. That's right, we said 728, which is what Arthur Guy lays down with just 14 pounds of boost and a swig of 91-octane gas. To make all that smoke, Arthur has home-built a monster using a 364-inch forged short-block, TrickFlow 220cc as-cast cylinder heads, an NRP Hater cam, and a Magnacharger TVS1900 supercharger. According to Arthur, this is the first Magnacharged GTO to break the 5, 6, and 700-rwhp barriers without nitrous or methanol and he does all of the tuning and wrenching himself. Next up, 800 rwhp, which we're sure will be soon with how Arthur rolls.

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