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Our Readers Rides - Street Heat

Submitted rides from your fellow readers.

Justin Cesler Jun 26, 2012
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Ping King

Homebuilt is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the case of Philip Morris, a New Jersey native, when he says homebuilt, he really means it. As in, he bought this '01 SS with 9,000 miles on the odometer when he was 17 and has literally turned every nut and bolt on his SS since then. Ten exhaust systems, four nitrous setups, and two turbo kits later, Philip's SS now features a homebuilt and hand fabricated single turbo system, which pumps upwards of 7 psi into the otherwise cam-only LS1 engine. The exhaust is a combination of stock parts, mild steel, and V-bands, with the entire system capable of being upgraded to a "compound boost setup" when Philip "eventually becomes bored." We can't wait to see what that means!

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RJ Steiger is what you would call a hardcore fifth-gen Camaro guy. When he's not moderating the forums over at, he can be found modifying, racing, photographing, and just generally enjoying his '10 Camaro, Kaylee, around the streets of Great Falls, Virginia. The mod list here is almost endless, with a full suspension setup from BMR Suspension and Pedders, engine modifications from Bassani, ADM, and VMax, and flat black or carbon fiber accents almost everywhere you could think of. The all black tone certainly sets the sinister mood, polished off by the "NSWF" license plate (that's Not Safe For Work for you interwebs newbs) and the tire frying launches at the track. Send high-res, digital photos and a description of your high-tech performer to: or mail to GM High-Tech Performance, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. All photos are presumed to be for publication, and GMHTP reserves the right to edit accompanying descriptions.

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In the fourth-gen game, there are few people as innovative as Brian Deeney, a man from Glendale, Arizona, who you may know much better as the one and only McNord. You see, Brian isn't the type of guy who sits around waiting for cool stuff to get made; he's the guy who actually makes it, including all of the crazy bodywork you see here and many of the items people have been trying to replicate for years. On the outside, this flat black beauty is all custom, with a 6LE/McNord front and rear bumpers, a custom ducktail spoiler, custom rockers, and the handlaid widebody kit, all of which was built by Brian himself. Those are 18x12-inch CCW wheels out back, which sit perfectly in the fenders thanks to Hotchkis lowering springs and Koni adjustable shocks. Come to think of it, we need to run a full feature on this '99 Camaro soon, so just check back for more specs at a later date.

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Beach Goat

Keith Menzer of Virginia Beach, Virginia, tells us that he "enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, quiet conversation, and hundred-foot rolling burnouts in my GTO," and that means he is our type of guy (if we were into that type of thing...). A long-time truly dedicated GMHTP reader, Keith has built this gorgeous '06 Brazen Orange GTO with the help of the magazine and some friends, adding a set of Landspeed Development "Street Smart" Stage 2 LS3 cylinder heads, a Comp Cams 224/230 duration at .050 camshaft, and a slew of bolt-on parts to help feed his need for speed. With Kooks stepped long-tube headers and a Magnaflow cat-back exhuast, Keith describes the sounds at WOT as a "charging grizzly bear," which has got to be cool coming from a clean GTO like this one. Special thanks to Mike Clark of Backus Aerial Photography for the photo!

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