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Justin Cesler Jun 26, 2012
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Wire It Up

If you've ever tried to wire a race car from scratch, you know how quickly the wiring monster can spread out of control. One minute you've got a good plan, the next you've got wires shooting every which way and a real mess on your hands. For racers who like it clean, check out Alston Race Cars' all new, pre-configured wiring kit, which is supposed to make powering up a race car a snap. The simple, modular system comes with all of the components necessary to power everything up in a drag race application and, using OEM-style multiplexing, reduces the overall number of wires and connections needed to make everything work. Tested to survive in tough environments, the Alston Drag Racing kit could just be the perfect foundation for your next electrical system upgrade. Alston Race Cars, 248 Depot Street, Antioch, IL 60002; 847/395-3550;

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Whether you're installing a high-heat capable turbo kit or swapping a late-model engine into something with tight spark plug access, you should check out Design Engineering's Titanium Protect-A-Boots. Constructed from-get this-pulverized lava rock material that is extruded into fibers, the DEI Protect-A-Boots can directly handle upwards of 1,800 degrees and are rated to protect against over 2,800 degrees of radiant temperature. Basically, unless you're planning on building a rocket ship and flying to the moon, these pliable boots will protect your spark plug wires with no problem. You can buy them in packs of two or eight and they will install on almost any angled or straight spark plug wire, including LSX style coil-near-plug. Design Engineering Inc., 604 Moore Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012; 800/264-9472;

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Better Brackets

Ditch those hideous factory LS coil brackets and install a set of these ultra-slick Coil Brackets from MSD for a clean look. Designed to bolt directly in place of the ugly stamped steel factory units, these cast-aluminum units have been machined to a beautiful finish and ship complete with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. They accept any style OEM coil or MSD Ignition's line of Multi-Spark upgrade units. Two designs are available depending on your application: PN 8215 for LS1/LS6 engines and PN 8216 for LS2/LS7 applications. Of course, you can reuse your stock plug wires and factory wiring, making this a truly plug-and-play solution for cleaning up your engine bay. MSD Ignition, 1350 Pullman Drive, Dock #14, El Paso, Texas 79936; 915/857-5200;

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Low Pro, High Flow

Swapping engines, adding forced induction, or just making a ton of horsepower can cause fluid temperature problems in almost any type of project. When space is tight and you need a low-profile fan solution for your radiator, oil cooler, condenser, or intercooler, check out the new reversible S-blade 7-inch lower-profile Campion fan from Maradyne. Rated at 350 cubic-feet per minute, the powerful 130-watt fan can pull or push cool air over your cooler of choice, whatever it may be. With an average of 11,000-plus hours of life expectancy, you can keep this fan running whenever you need it, and it could be the perfect way to get transmission, oil, or air temperatures under control. As you would expect, each fan comes with mounting hardware and spacers, although you need to buy the harness separate, along with a temperature switch (adjustable, 185, and 195-degree available) to keep everything working properly. Maradyne High Performance Fans, 4540 W. 160th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135; 800/435-7953;

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Super Street Axles

If you're putting down big power with an IRS-equipped Camaro, it's only a matter of time before you have to consider upgrading the factory axles. Ditch the weak stockers on your fifth-gen Camaro for a set of the Drive Shaft Shop's all-new 1,000hp X4 axles, which feature newly engineered 300M center bars, 108mm CV boots for longer life, and a slick anti-wheel hop design. Based off of the company's famous 1,400hp race axles, the new X4 design offers a significant bump in strength over the stock junk, without the drawbacks normally found on a race specific unit. Whether you're planning to put down the power in a straight line or in the twisty stuff, these are the perfect upgrade to keep your rear wheels spinning from the street to the track. The Drive Shaft Shop, 1531 South Main Street, Salisbury, NC 28144; 800/564-2244;

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Swap 'em Up

Simplify your LS engine swap with a set of LS engine mounts from Hooker Headers. Built specifically for LSX swaps, these mounts bolt to any current LS block-iron or aluminum-and make setting the engine in and lining it up a breeze. The Hooker plates are available for use with any traditional small-block engine mount, or they can be used with Hooker mount kits, which are available for a variety of chassis. If you're looking to change engine offset within the chassis for better weight distribution or clearance, you can do that too, with offset plates available in .50-, 1.25-, and 3-inch forward configurations. Each plate is constructed of sturdy .375-inch-thick hot rolled steel and is zinc plated for durability and corrosion resistance. You'll even get all of the counter sunk machine screws and instructions you need to make for a quick and easy LS swap. Hooker, 704 Highway 25 South, Aberdeen, MS 39730; 662/369-6153;

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Avon Lake, OH 44012
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