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Dan Gale: Requiem For A Zealot

The Corvette Community Pays Its Respects To The Man And His Efforts To Create The National Corvette Museum

Ronnie Hartman Feb 1, 2001 0 Comment(s)

Step By Step

Dan Gale, one of the five original founding members of the National Corvette Museum, and arguably the driving force behind its creation, suffered a stroke on September 22, and passed away on October 4 in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

It is widely agreed that without Dan’s efforts, the dream of a museum dedicated exclusively to the Corvette would never have become a reality. His zeal for the project was so extreme that he left his home in Massachusetts and spent three years in a Bowling Green motel, pushing the project along on a fulltime basis.

Ralph Kramer, public relations director for Chevrolet from 1986 to 1993, spoke of Dan’s “genius” in building the NCM Annex in a Bowling Green shopping center in 1990. It gave a sense of reality to the dream and kept everyone focused on the goal.

Dan was the first vice president of the museum’s Foundation, and succeeded Ray Bataglini as president in 1993. He served on the board of directors from 1988 to 1995, part of that time as its president.

Museum Director Wendell Strode attended the funeral, bringing with him the heartfelt condolences of the entire Corvette community. He commented, “Dan had a deep love for the National Corvette Museum. While other Corvette enthusiasts were involved in the concept of a library, archives, and museum, it was Dan’s enthusiasm, creativity, work ethic, determination, resourcefulness, untiring efforts, and plainspoken style that turned an idea into a crusade, into The National Corvette Museum. This is the legacy that Dan Gale leaves to Corvette enthusiasts and the one we should all remember him by.”

Our deepest sympathy to his wife of 23 years, Karen, and children Heather, Darrin, Peter, and Chris.

Rest in peace, Dan.


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