2005 Chevrolet Corvette - In The 9s

'05 Vette Uses Procharged LS7 To Win Automatically

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Reliability was also something Charlie was looking for. He says Geoff tuned the LS7 beyond the 757hp level with more boost, but even for Charlie that was "too insane." Instead, "We went one pulley size down, and I was happy with 757 rear-wheel horsepower," he says. "When it was pumping out close to 800, it had the smaller pulley on, and I didn't want any problems with belts slipping and breaking."

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He's had no problems with anything else breaking in the engine. "It's a 427 race engine with forged everything inside it, and it was built ahead of time," Charlie says of his LS7. "So, all I had to do was slap the new ProCharger on it to make the engine scream better."

Charlie's also achieved his goal of good drivability with all that power. "It's streetable. There are no problems with it. I can even take it to Connecticut and back." That's something he did twice before with his '05, while it was powered by the ProCharged LS2. "I got 20-something miles a gallon with the cruise control on," he says of his performance on those trips.

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Right now, Charlie's very satisfied with his C6. If you're planning to make one hit the 9s, Charlie says that a power adder is definitely the way to do it. "Either with a ProCharger, or twin turbos," he says. "It's your preference. They've both been done. I went with the ProCharger back then, because everybody had a twin turbo, and I'd seen ProCharged cars running some insane times. When I had the choice, I went with ProCharger and never looked back."

Charlie also has some good words about the folks at Accessible Technologies, who make ProChargers. "Those are great guys. I had a problem once, a ProCharger with a bent shaft. I sent it back, they said 'No problem,' they sent me a new one, and it was good to go."

As Charlie's C6 is good to go into the 9s.




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