Register To Vote! It's Easy and Deadlines are Approaching

Corvette Fever Magazine and the SEMA Action Network encourage you to register to vote and then vote on November 2!

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We're a car magazine, so what are we doing getting into politics? Very simply, legislators at the local, state and federal level all pass ordinances and laws affecting the automotive aftermarket. Some of the laws are helpful, like easing titling and registration regulations. But some are onerous and, in some people's opinion, overreaching-such as limiting the kinds of go fast goodies you can install on your car. So, we have to be involved in the politicial process if we want our hobby, our industry, to exist.

With that said, we'd like you to check out to learn more and stay up to date with the latest issues affecting the automotive aftermarket.

Special thanks to our friends at the SEMA Action Network as they have built a web page that provides links to voter registration applications, absentee ballot request information, and the upcoming deadlines related to the November 2nd local, state and national elections.




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