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A Rare Insider's Peek At Corvette Marketing 50 Years Ago

Tom Shaw Aug 16, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Fifty years ago, Corvette was a new, struggling nameplate, on the verge of overcoming some very tough obstacles and poised to blow the market wide open. The early years were discouraging. Despite heavy corporate investment, early sales were dismal, and sharp competition from arch-rival Ford's Thunderbird had GM ready to pull the plug. But with a couple of good years of V-8 power under its belt, Corvette was beginning to turn around. More power was translating into more sales. Funny how that works.

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Chevrolet had found its angle: Corvette was not a sports car in the European tradition, it was a sports car on its own, uniquely American terms, which centered around the V-8.

By 1957, Corvette had been through some substantial engine development, and it was beginning to make a name for itself on prestigious racetracks against the world's best. For the first time, Chevrolet offered an exotic engine option-fuel injection.

To help get the word out about its dynamic new '57 model, Chevrolet issued a two-part filmstrip and record titled "Pleasure Package" and "Profit Package." Pleasure Package was to be viewed by prospective buyers. It talked up the Corvette's many styling and engineering strong points, and touted its recent racing victories.

We found one of these filmstrips and are about to take you on a unique, scene-by-scene trip through Corvette marketing from half a century ago. The dialog from the record is transcribed word-for-word beneath each image. Some of the expressions and photos are a bit corny, but that's part of the vintage charm. So sit back and enjoy this long-lost look at Corvette marketing 1957 style.




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