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Andy Roderick Builds A Premier Garage On A Small, Remote Kentucky Hillside

Alan L. Colvin Mar 31, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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This, however, created a new problem, moving the assembled lift from Atlanta to our lake house. I called Stinger Lifts and asked them for information on moving an assembled lift. They sent me instructions, but the type of trailer needed is no longer rented by U-Haul. After many days of searching for the correct trailer, I found the trailer I needed at Harbor Freight. I had to assemble it myself. That took the better part of a full day. Then I got my friend Carl Brotherton to go with me on this grand adventure. We took every tool, strap, nut, and bolt we could think of. I had mounted two 14-foot-long 6x6s onto the trailer to mount the lift on to. We had to drill four 1/2-inch holes in the inner lips of the lift to secure it to the 6x6s. We also had to use axle straps to hold the legs up. Because of the amount of weight we had past the end of the trailer, we could not go faster than 45 mph. This turned a five-hour trip into a nine-hour trip. In Lebanon, Tennessee, about one hour from home, we heard a thumping noise, and thought we had a flat. If only it had been that easy! The lug nuts on the trailer had worked loose and ruined the hub and wheel. Luckily for us, we met a guy at a gas station who took us to get a new hub, wheel, and tire. Eventually, we made it home safe and sound and got the lift installed.

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Back to my current garage . . . many of the posters that we have collected have been framed and many are autographed. I consider the Zora autographs my favorites. I have collected pins and have over 90 Hooters pins alone. One of the collections within a collection is my set of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Outback Restaurant Corvette pins. I believe I have all 13 different ones. I have over 385 key chains and even two that fart. The dash plaque collection covers the frame of two windows and the double door frame to the storage room.

We also have license plates from all over the country, two stoplights with sequencers, and a walk/don't walk light with a sequencer as well. When I had the electrician wire the garage, I had him put outlets near the ceiling, with the top half of them all on one light switch. This way, when I want to turn on the neon, stop lights, C5 Corvette emblem Christmas lights, Corvette Logo lights, and beer advertisement lights, all I need to do is flip one switch.

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While building this garage, we had the concrete contractor put a 3/4-inch step-up lip for the garage doors to sit in. This way, rain cannot come in under the garage door. The driveway down to the garage is very steep, so we had a drain built into the concrete pad that is wide enough to get a standard shovel into. The grates were cut to fit, and are easily removable. Living in the woods makes this a necessity. Because of the size of the house, we have one HVAC unit for each floor, and this requires three separate 200-amp breaker boxes. These have been covered by a throw and a Corvette flag. You might notice the checkered background behind the Corvette flag. That is a checkered plastic table cloth, cut to size, that shows through the white of the nylon flag.

We had the walls of the shop/storage area built with 2x12s for framing to create shelves for storage. I also built a fold-down work bench to save space. This is the second Kiwi Tile floor I've had. The first was an open-weave design in the house near Bowling Green. This one is a diamond-pattern floor. Kiwi is the best bang for the buck, because they are metric. Each tile is 13.1 inches by 13.1 inches. This means you cover more floor space for less money. I like the look of the Diamond plate design, but found the open weave easier to keep clean and quieter.

One of the collections in this garage are my wheels and tires. At one time, I had three cars with extra tires and wheels for each one in this garage. Having shelves with chain supports has been a signature in each of my garages. We put a Plexiglas window in this garage into the pool table room, so we can see the TV from the garage. Although we never needed to create an extra living space, we set the pool table room up so we could install a kitchen and bedroom in that space which would be its own separate living space with complete bath.

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While building this home, we had the HVAC installers put adequate vents to heat and cool this garage. In the last garage, we added two vents but found it not to be sufficient to heat or cool the space. In this garage, we painted the door and window trim black to play off the black and white tile. The shelves were also painted black. The chains that hang the tire/wheel shelves are white, which saves a bunch of money instead of using chrome chain. The white chain can be found at Lowe's. The trouble light that hangs in the center of the garage doubles as an extension cord.


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