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Doug Marion Mar 31, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Also going full tilt in the early '70s, generally in the Midwest, south, and east, was the National Council of Corvette Clubs. Out west was the Western States Corvette Council. Also, the very beginning of the National Corvette Restorers Society pleased many. I was an early member. From these Corvette organizations (Save the Wave!), many have said that Corvette owners led the way in ponying-up correct restoration processes and procedures. The Chevy and Corvette restoration trade would soon be growing by leaps and bounds.

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The one Corvette that I did miss buying in the early '70s was a 2-mile '67 L88 coupe, white with blue interior. The original owner trailered it home new-then tore it apart for drag racing but never got it back together. I could have bought it for $3,000. But who had $3,000 in 1972-'73? Someone else did! It was bought for $3,000 and sold the next day for $5,000 to someone in Minnesota-unassembled. Then it ventured south to Wisconsin-assembled-for big bucks via private Corvette investment brokers. Many of you probably know where this Vette is today.

I was also buying and rebuilding Rochester fuel injection units and doing super-tuning. I still have a plethora on NOS and good used FI parts today. Ah, the Corvette life-long beat goes on! Next up: 1975-1981.




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